New Release: Summer Wine

I hope you have a chilled bottle of white ready, coz I’m totally raising a glass to my latest release, Summer Wine.


Set on a vineyard in the gorgeous Hunter Valley near Sydney, Summer Wine kicks off a brand new series of red-hot erotic romances, called Tastes Of Seduction.


SUMMER WINE: The blurb

Two men, one woman, and a romantic vineyard. Summer’s never been this hot…

 Tastes of Seduction, Book 1

 Angus Lowe feels like he’s just stepped onto the set of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. He’s checking out a luxurious boutique hotel and winery, lured by the possibility of landscaping the gardens. And he’s crazy mad about the woman giving him the tour.

Problem is, Lily Hemington is way out of his league. Not only does she live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, she is also crazy mad about the owner of the hotel, Blake Seymour.

Issues get cloudier—or could that be steamier?—when Angus meets Blake. It’s clear Blake has deep feelings for Lily, but it’s also obvious he can’t take his eyes off Angus. While Angus doesn’t find this at all unpleasant, he’s painfully aware Lily and Blake are perfect for each other, and that he doesn’t belong in their perfect world.

Now it’s up to Lily and Blake to convince Angus the only world that counts is the one they all create together.

Warning: This book should be enjoyed with a bottle of chilled white wine. You’ll need it to cool down when the heat among these three characters burns out of control.

A quick, hot teaser:

Blake’s tongue in her mouth and Angus’s finger in her pussy. Dear Lord, could it get any better?

A harsh groan broke through the silence, followed by a sharp inhalation of breath. “Ah, fuck…” Angus’s voice was hoarse, rough.

Lily cracked her eyes open.

His head was thrown back, his eyes were closed and his chest shuddered with heavy breaths. Every muscle in his body had tensed and his mouth was rounded in an O of bliss. He looked like a God, like an Adonis standing on the cusp of ecstasy.

Spellbound, she dragged her mouth from Blake’s to look her fill. To admire the magnificence of the man.

And then she understood his tension, his excitement.

Angus’s zip was undone, his jeans and boxers shoved partly over his hips. His thick erection was nestled in Blake’s sturdy grasp.


Summer Wine is available now at Samhain, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or your favorite online bookstore!

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L DuBois has a new, hot BDSM romance for you

Have you heard about Lila Dubois’ BDSM Checklist series?

A BDSM checklist is designed to help people who enjoy BDSM play to identify what does and doesn’t interested them. In Lila’s books, the overseers of an exclusive BDSM club have decided to challenge the members to push their own boundaries by assigning every member a letter–and along with it all the things under that letter on the checklist.

B is for…

There’s a new game at LA’s most exclusive BDSM club, and everyone has to play.

Mae never imagined she’d be assigned to the most dangerous letter of alphabet… or paired with the most sinister Dominant in the club. The BDSM Checklist game doesn’t scare Xavier, but he prefers leather and steel, and the submissive he’s partnered with thinks silk ribbon is bondage equipment.

Pushed to her limits both physically and emotionally, Mae is shock to discover how much she enjoys Xavier’s touch. But in the end it isn’t just Mae who will be affected by the unexpected chemistry between two seeming opposites. Xavier will have to decide if he’s willing to trust the lovely sub with the truth about himself, as he proves to her that there’s a darkness in her—a darkness that just might match his own.

Where to get it

B is for…
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And if you’d like to start at the beginning, you can pick up “A is for…” for only .99c!

A is for…
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Rhythm Of The Night Releases today

I’m thrilled to let you know that the first two books in the Speed series, See You In My Dreams and Colors Of Love are now available in a print anthology called Rhythm Of The Night. Isn’t the cover gorgeous?


Rhythm of the Night

Sex, drugs love and rock ’n roll.

See You In My Dreams
Sophie has not only walked in on a guest, but she can’t shake the feeling that she knows him from somewhere. She just can’t quite place him.

Convinced the “maid” is just looking for a piece of his rock-star alter ego, Nathan can’t help but wonder why she’s blushing six shades of scarlet. Then he recognizes her. She’s the woman who for ten years has haunted his dreams.

Their attraction is unstoppable, but just this once, he’d like a woman to fall for the real man, not the celebrity superstar.

Colors of Love
Seth excels at making his dreams a reality. Except when it comes to his band’s manager. Luke is everything Seth wants, but after five years Luke hasn’t committed.

After an abusive childhood, Luke thinks Seth is safer without him. When he spots pretty, sexy Kaz, he formulates a plan to seduce her into a threesome, then leave her and Seth to fall in love.

Kaz’s ability to read auras tells her Seth and Luke are madly in love, and if she doesn’t do something, the two men she adores won’t get the happily ever after they deserve.

Warning: These stories are erotic, contemporary romance with a dirty dash of fantasy thrown in. M/F fantasies, M/M/F fantasies, M/M fantasies. C’mon. You know you wish it was real…


The book is available from: AmazonB&NSamhain and wherever books are sold!



More Than Words is now available

Today marks my fourth and final release of the year.

More Than Words, the third book in the More Than Series is officially available. For those of you who read More Than Lovers and asked for Sam’s story…here it is.

For those of you who didn’t read More Than Lovers, don’t worry. You don’t need to read it to understand More Than Words. The book stands alone.



He’s just seen the one thing that was meant for her eyes only.

More Than, Book 3

Molly Harris never intended to send that letter. It was only meant to be a secret record of her true feelings for her boss, gorgeous pediatrician Sam Shepard. But in the chaos of a crazy day at work, Molly accidentally hits “send” instead of “delete”.

Mortified by her mistake, Molly acts in the only way she can. She submits her notice of resignation. A professional-etiquette line’s been crossed, and there’s no going back.

Sam’s mouth goes dry—then it waters—when he discovers his receptionist has sent him a dirty love letter. Or to be more explicit, a wicked, erotic love letter, neatly outlining her many fantasies involving him.

Now Sam has two choices. Either he can be the ultimate professional and accept Molly’s resignation, or he can acknowledge the depths of his desire and maybe, just maybe, convince her to send him another saucy email…

Warning: Could cause the uncontrollable urge to write—and receive—dirty love letters. But proceed with caution…you’re going to want to act on those letters. Immediately.

More Than Words is available at Samhain Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your favorite ebookstore.

And because all the covers together look absolutely stunning, I can’t help but show them to you (including the cover for the Print Anthology, More Than This)…

MoreThanFriends72lg MoreThanLovers72lg
MoreThanWords72lg MoreThanThis72lg


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Rhythm of My Heart Launch Party Giveaway #5 – Lexxie Couper

release day party

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He never missed a beat…until she taught him a whole new rhythm.

Heart of Fame, Book 4

Back when he was playing drums for rock star Nick Blackthorne, it was easy for Noah Holden to focus on the sticks in his hand. Now that the band is getting back together, he’s excited—and worried. His ADHD has made every minute of his post-Blackthorne life a chaotic mess.

His apprehension is blown away when a bar waitress makes him a proposition—and not the kind this king of drums is used to.

When Pepper Kerrigan overhears the band talking reunion, she pushes her self-doubt aside, calls on her encyclopedic music knowledge and challenges Noah Holden to a trivia contest. Her prize should she win? An audition. His? A kiss. Their smoking sexual chemistry guarantees victory—for them both.

With Pepper, Noah is finally able to control his stormy creative energy. But when his wild past catches up with him, he faces the fight of his life to keep from losing his smoky-voiced angel. The one woman who keeps his mind—and his heart—staying on rhythm.

Product Warnings
There’s a thrumming primitive sexual energy in every rock drummer’s body just waiting to be released.


Noah forced himself not to fidget. Or blink. If he blinked, maybe the goddess in hot pants would disappear in a puff of taunting smoke, leaving him wondering if she’d ever really been there.

Christ, her eyes were stunning. Bluer than he’d first thought, and flecked with deep-emerald green. And her skin. So flawless and creamy. The urge to lean forward and trace the tip of his tongue over the high curve of her cheek was damn near impossible to deny. As was the desire to snare the straight weight of her sable ponytail in his fist and pull her toward him. Her lips were made to be kissed. He could see that. Soft and full and devoid of lipstick or gloss. Just naturally beautiful and perfect.

His heart punched hard in his chest, pounding out a beat he’d hadn’t heard in his life for a very long time.

A beat he could move to.

She’s not a groupie, Holden. She’s your waitress.

The thought grounded him. They’d been in the bar for well over an hour, and she hadn’t come anywhere near them. If she wanted to sleep with him, surely she would have made her move before now.

“What proposition?” he asked, fighting to keep his voice detached. He reached for a peanut. He hated peanuts, but at least it gave him something to do with his hands.

What? Instead of burying them in her hair? Or smoothing them over her—

The goddess shifted a little, her butt barely perched on the edge of the chair Jax had so recently occupied. Her tongue slipped over her top lip in a quick little swipe. Her eyes closed for a split second.

An overwhelming sense of dismay hit Noah at the loss of their mesmerizing intensity on his face. He liked her looking at him. A lot.

“I’d like to sing for you.”

Her statement slapped into him like a cold fist.

He blinked. Had he misheard her? “Sorry? You want to what?”

She swallowed. Hesitation clouded her brilliant eyes. Her hands cupped her elbows. “S-sing for you. For…for the band. I’d like to audition for—”

The wind left Noah in a gush. He frowned, a prickling sense of disappointment washing over him. She didn’t want to sleep with him. She really wasn’t a groupie. Or a waitress hoping to score a famous tumble in the sack. She wanted to—

“Come again?” He leant forward. Perhaps he’d heard her wrong? He was known to mishear things. It came from not really keeping his attention on anything for long.

Huh, your attention has been on her from the second you saw her, Holden. You didn’t mishear.

The woman straightened her spine. She lifted her chin. Flattened her palms on her thighs. “Audition for lead singer.”

Noah stared at her. For the life of him, he didn’t know what to—

The woman jolted to her feet. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…” She trailed away, her soft New York accent turning the last word to a murmured drawl. Before Noah could utter a sound, she turned and hurried from the table.

But she stopped two tables from his.

Her shoulders stiffened. Her hands balled into fists, opened, balled again.

Noah watched her shake her head, his gaze tracking the swishing wave of her long ponytail. His gut tightened. His throat did the same. It wasn’t until she swung back to face him that he gushed out the breath he didn’t know he’d been holding.

She reached his table in three long strides, her intense blue eyes fixed on his face. She stood beside him, full breasts straining against the snug white cotton of her T-shirt as she placed her hands on the tabletop and bent toward him. “I’ll make you a deal,” she said, the words quick, her voice husky. “I read in an article in Rolling Stone that you have an amazing knowledge of music trivia. If I beat you in a music-trivia challenge, you let me sing for the band. Just that. All I want is the chance to…” She faltered, uncertainty flickering in her eyes, and then shook her head a little and drilled him with her stare again. “All I want is the chance to let you hear me sing. If I beat you at music trivia, you convince the rest of the band to let me audition.”

If I beat you.

Her words whispered through Noah’s whirling head. He couldn’t tear his gaze from hers. He should be telling her no, right now. He should be brushing her off, maybe even leave the bar to emphasize the point. He should be pissed she’d been eavesdropping. Instead, he studied her face—even more arresting and beautiful this close—as her words echoed through his mind.

If I beat you.

“And if I beat you?” The question left him on a murmured taunt.

The woman facing him down did the unexpected. She laughed.

Noah’s heart beat faster in his chest. His gut knotted. Christ, her laugh was wonderful. Rhythmical. It at once melted away the tension in her body and flooded Noah’s body with heat. Tight, thick heat threading its eager way to his groin.

Her laugh made him horny. He’d thought her arse hot in her shorts, but her laugh…

“If I beat you?” he prodded, leaning closer to her. “What happens then?”

She licked her top lip with the tip of her tongue. “I…”

Noah reached up and traced his finger over her bottom lip. “I get to kiss you.” The bar disappeared. Nothing existed except the woman and her challenge. “I win, I get to kiss you. For as long as I like.”

The woman’s breath escaped her in a soft gasp. She pulled away from him—just enough to cause his finger to slip from her lip. If it wasn’t for the fact her pupils were dilated, Noah would think he’d offended her.

But he knew exactly what dilated pupils meant when a woman was with him—arousal. His gorgeous, conflicted waitress was turned on. Now all he needed was for her to—

“Agreed.” She held his stare, her shoulders straight. “I’m off work in twenty minutes. I’m going to bring you another scotch, on me, while you wait.”

Noah cocked an eyebrow. “Wait?” He’d never had a woman tell him he had to wait for her before. Even Heather had leapt at his every command on the rare occasion he gave them. Right up until she’d walked out with Maxie the mutt, that was. He’d told her to come back. To give him another chance. She hadn’t. “You want me to wait for you?”

His waitress nodded. “It’ll be worth it. Promise.”

“The kiss? You better believe it.”

She laughed, and once again Noah’s groin reacted to the rich, lyrical sound.

“I will be back. Don’t leave.”

He shook his head. “Oh, I’m not going anywhere. Promise.”

The corners of her lips curled in a smile Noah could only call shy. Shy? How was that possible after the challenge she’d just laid down? Especially given the desire equal to his own he saw in her eyes.

Such a conflict. It was hypnotic. Sublime.

She turned and walked away from the table without a word. Noah could tell the subtle sway of her hips wasn’t an affectation designed to garner attention but her natural movement. Damn, he could watch her hips move like that all day. He couldn’t wait to smooth his hands over those hips and hold her to his body as he kissed her.

“Hey,” he called out, his pulse pounding faster when she threw him a quick look over her shoulder. “What’s your name?”

She lowered her lashes. A faint pink painted her cheeks. “Pepper.”

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Guest Post

When I was researching Steady Beat, I spent quite a lot of time Googling rock drummers, and y’know what I came to realise?

Rock drummers are wild and sexy. Big time. With their sweaty hair, scultped muscles and manic power, they just ooze sex appeal.

There’s a thrumming, primitive, sexual energy in every rock drummer’s body, just waiting to be released, surging to the fore with every pounding strike of his sticks on the taut skin of his drums. Now imagine that raw energy in bed. With you…

Cause I did. Often. Hee hee hee.

What rock star have you imagined in bed with you? :)
Giveaway Information

Lexxie is offering two  (2) ebooks of the winner’s choice from her backlist. Just comment and fill out the rafflecopter to enter.

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Rhythm of My Heart Launch Party Giveaway #4 – Sami Lee

release day party

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Cover 200x300

Champion surfer Ty Butler is living the dream—a great career, a globe-trotting lifestyle, and his pick of women. Then a visit to his hometown forces him to face Summer Campbell.

A decade on, she still gives him an adrenaline rush to beat the biggest waves. She’s also as unavailable as ever, or so he thinks. When the truth comes out, Ty decides it’s time to lay old ghosts to rest—and lay Summer flat out in bed.

Ten years ago Summer committed the ultimate sin by falling for her sister’s boyfriend. She rejected Ty’s love out of duty, even marrying another man in an attempt to move on. An attempt that failed. She never forgot Ty—or the havoc loving him wreaked in her life.

Her body wants to finish what they started long ago. Her head tells her she can indulge in a wicked affair with no regrets. But when the pro-surfing tour inevitably calls him away, her heart could crumble like a sandcastle beneath his feet.

Warning: Book contains hot sex with a hot surfer. Might warm your heart and heat up a few other parts, as well. Might even inspire you to chuck it all in and chase the endless summer.
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Guest Post

Ty Butler was such a fun character to write. Roguish, honest, funny and brazen, he is a world champion surfer with a gorgeous Aussie accent to boot. I can totally understand who my heroine Summer could never get him out of her head. But can she reconcile the safe life she’s built with the nomadic existence that Ty lives to finally make them a couple? I hope you take the time to find out

Cheers, Sami
Giveaway Information

I’m giving away a copy of the first book in which Ty Butler appeared. It’s called Moonlight Mirage and it’s set on an idyllic tropical resort that has a way of casting erotic spells on its visitors. For more info about that book, visit here

Just comment below and fill out the rafflecopter below.

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Rhythm of My Heart Launch Party Giveaway #3 – Mari Carr

release day party

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You can visit Mari’s website at She is also on Facebook and Twitter.


Some things never change. Others never stay the same. Thank God.

Second Chances, Book 3

Laura Sanders thought post-divorce life would be simple. What a rude awakening to realize that after too many years as a wife and mother, she’s stuck in a rut so deep she’s forgotten how to have fun.

Determined that this year will be different, she sets a New Year’s goal to rediscover the woman she used to be—the one who loved to dance, to laugh, to kiss.

When Bryan Sinclair spots his best friend from high school in the Blue Moon bar, he wonders how the hell he failed to notice her beauty and vitality all those years ago. Laura’s confession that she plans to experience lost opportunities tempts him into joining her on the journey.

Together they make up for lost time, in and out of the bedroom. But there’s one area in which Laura has no plans to change the status quo—her heart. And Bryan has his work cut out convincing her to take another chance. On him. On forever.
Product Warnings
This story contains sex at Rocky Horror, sex at a Jimmy Buffett concert, sex on the stairs, sex on the dining-room table, sex on the dance floor, and even sex in a bed.


“Hey, Laura.” Kevin was back, grasping her hand and pulling her toward the dance floor. “Dance with me.”

She tried to retrieve her hand, shaking her head, but Kevin was tenacious. She glanced behind him, hoping to signal Georgie for help dissuading the man, but her friend had spotted Nick.

Cue yet another World War. Tonight was about to implode. Quickly.

Kevin spun her, resuming his earlier dancing position. This time there was no mistaking what he was packing in his pants as he tightened his arm around her waist, grinding closer.

She tried to push his hand away, struggling to break free of his grip. While she knew he didn’t mean her any harm, she was more than uncomfortable with his inappropriate rubbing and touching.

“I really need to—”

“Laura? Laura Riley?”

Laura looked up at the sound of her maiden name and spotted salvation in blue jeans, a button-down shirt, and a beloved, familiar face she’d never dreamed of seeing again. “Bryan? Oh my God. What the hell are you doing here?”

Bryan Sinclair had been Laura’s best friend for four years. An Army brat, Bryan and his family had been stationed at the base near Harrisburg when she and Bryan were in seventh grade. One of the saddest days of Laura’s life had been the day Bryan told her his dad was being transferred. They were halfway through their junior year in high school and Laura had felt his absence in her life profoundly. They’d tried to stay in touch, writing letters and calling occasionally, but eventually, they simply lost touch.

“I was going to ask you the same thing.” Bryan smiled at Kevin. “Mind if I cut in?”

Kevin loosened his grip, but didn’t move away. Laura suspected the alcohol was dimming his senses and slowing his response time. “Uh…”

Laura used Kevin’s distraction to step away from the young man. “Thanks for the dance, Kevin.” She grabbed Bryan’s hand, leading him away from the dance floor and toward the bar.

As soon as they found a quiet corner, Bryan hugged her tightly. Laura returned the embrace. “You saved me, stranger.”

Bryan chuckled. “Yeah. It didn’t look like you were enjoying the mauling. Damn, you’re a sight for sore eyes.”

She laughed. “I’m so glad to see you. I have to admit you’re probably the last person on earth I expected to run into tonight.”

“I’m here for the band.”

She laughed. “Wow. Really? How many years has it been?”

Bryan shrugged. “I haven’t seen you since we were sixteen, so what’s that make it? Twenty-seven years?”

Laura winced. “Talk about making me feel old. I was just thinking about you the other day.”

“Oh yeah?”

She nodded. “One of my girlfriends talked me into joining Facebook. I wound up getting out an old yearbook and started plugging in names trying to find people from school. Your name was the first one I typed in.”

“I’m not on Facebook.”

She grinned. “I noticed.”

“I’ll correct that oversight as soon as I get home tonight.”

Laura marveled at how at ease she was with Bryan even after all the years apart. Despite the years that had passed, she could still see the boy he’d been in his face and hear it in his voice. While they’d never been anything more than friends, Laura had felt closer to Bryan than anyone. There was nothing they hadn’t talked about when they were younger, nothing they wouldn’t try together. Shortly after Bryan moved, Laura’s ex-husband, Mason, asked her out for a date. Sometimes Laura wondered what Bryan would have thought about Mason’s invitation. Would he have encouraged her to go out with Mason or told her to steer clear?

They say hindsight is twenty-twenty. That was certainly true for Laura. Mason had come along at a time when she was lonely, missing her best friend, and she’d hopped at the chance to go out with the hottest, richest guy in high school. She wasn’t so sure her answer would have been the same if Bryan had still been around.

“Are you seriously here for the band?”

Bryan nodded, pointing to the stage. “The blonde on the keyboard is my daughter, Trina. She’s a sophomore at the Conservatory.”

“That’s your daughter? She’s incredible. My girlfriends and I were talking earlier about how talented she is.”

Bryan lit up. It was clear he adored his daughter. “She’s pretty amazing.”

“Are you just in town visiting her?”

Bryan shook his head. “No. My company offered me a transfer here a few months ago. Trina had already done her freshman year at the Conservatory and I’d missed the hell out of her. I asked her what she would think of her old man moving closer. She told me to go for it.”

“What’s your wife do?”

“My wife passed away five years ago.”

Laura reached out to touch his hand. “Oh Bryan. I’m so sorry. That must’ve been terrible for you.”

Bryan nodded. “For a while there, I was pretty much living day to day. But it’s true what they say. Time heals all wounds. I miss the hell out of her, but I’ve accepted she’s gone and I’ve figured out a way to move forward. So now it’s just Trina and me. I’m renting an apartment in town and she’s living in a dorm on campus. That was the deal. I could follow her to college, but I had to keep my distance.”

Laura admired Bryan’s strength, his courage. There was a sadness in his eyes when he spoke about his wife that told her he hadn’t had an easy go of it these last few years. “My kids wouldn’t have let me move to their college towns, period, but considering they were twins and they attended universities on opposite sides of the state, it’s pretty safe to say that set-up wouldn’t have worked anyway.”


“They graduated a year ago. I’m very pleased to say my children are both presently employed in their chosen professions and have started paying their debt to society. Kevin is a medical technician at a hospital near Roslyn and Katie teaches kindergarten here in town.”

Bryan gestured toward the bar. “The band is finishing up this set and then they’re going to take a break. I promised to bring Trina a glass of water. You have a few minutes to hang out? I’d love to introduce you to her.”

“Sure.” Laura followed Bryan to the bar, waiting as the bartender made Bryan a gin and tonic and poured Trina a glass of water.

“You sure you don’t want something?” he asked.

She shook her head. “Better not. I’ve already overindulged on lemon shooters.”

Bryan feigned a wince. “Ouch. Tomorrow could be painful.”

“Sadly, I’m aware of that. I’m hoping to curtail some of the agony with Advil and water tonight before bed.”

“So what about you?” Bryan asked as they dodged dancers, working their way toward the stage. “What are you up to these days?”

“I’m a secretary in a high school.”

“And your husband?”

Laura paused. That question still took her unaware as she wondered if people would judge her harshly for giving up on a twenty-three-year marriage. “I’m divorced.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

Laura shrugged. “It’s okay. I initiated the split.”

“I see. Are you happy?”

Laura didn’t know how to reply. When she’d finally gotten up the nerve to ask Mason for a divorce, happiness had been her goal. She’d spent years in a relationship with a man who had no capacity for joy. Laura suspected he was bipolar—or perhaps suffering from depression—but Mason insisted he was fine, refused to go to the doctor and blamed her for his inherent unhappiness. For years, his misery took its toll. She’d left Mason because she wanted to be happy again. But was she?

Bryan interrupted her thoughts. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that was a hard question.”

“Let’s just say I’m searching for my happiness.”

“Is that why you’re here tonight? Forgive me for saying it, but this doesn’t seem like it would be your normal environment.”

Laura laughed. “It’s not. At all. My friends dragged me along. And yeah, I think this is part of my quest to rediscover the Laura I used to be. The one who laughed and danced and enjoyed life.”

Bryan studied her face. “Is it working?”

Laura’s face hurt from smiling. She was tipsy, relaxed and she’d laughed more tonight than in the entire previous year. Running into Bryan after so many years apart was the cherry on top of an excellent evening. “Yeah. It is.”


The band announced they were taking a short break. Trina walked over to join them. “Hey, Dad. Thanks,” she said as Bryan handed her the glass of water. “What did you think of that set?”

“Best one of the night.”

Trina beamed at her father’s praise. “Wait ’til you hear the last set.”

Bryan turned toward her. “Trina, I’d like you to meet my best friend from high school. This is Laura Riley.”

“Sanders.” Laura corrected him softly. She was still torn over whether or not to take her maiden name back. With her kids grown and out of school, she couldn’t think of a reason not to, but given Katie’s unhappiness over the divorce, Laura hadn’t wanted to add yet another upset to an injury that wasn’t healing very fast.

“Sanders,” Bryan corrected.

“You’re an incredible musician, Trina. Your music has blown me away. My daughter would absolutely love that song you played a little bit earlier. Was it called ‘Soul’?”

“’My Soul’,” Trina said. “I wrote that.”

“No way! That was my favorite song of the night.”

Trina smiled. “We’re getting ready to cut our first CD in a couple weeks and I wasn’t sure if I should push for that song to be included. Now I think I will.”

“I’d buy your CD for that song.”

“Wow. Thanks, Ms. Sanders.”

“Call me Laura.”

Someone called Trina’s name and she turned toward the stage. “I have to get back up there. We’re trying to figure out which song to finish with.” Trina gave Bryan a quick kiss on the cheek. “Nice to meet you, Laura.”

“You too.”

While the band was on a break, a canned recording of dance music blared through the speakers. Will Smith’s “Switch”came on.

“Oh my God, I love this song.”

Bryan grinned and pointed to the dance floor. “Should we show these young kids how it’s done?”

Laura raised her hand to refuse. “Hell no. I’ve been told my dancing is out of style.”

“Screw ’em.” Bryan took her hand, dragging her into the throng of bodies. He grasped her waist, pulling her close. They began to move in time to the music, their gazes connected. Laura laughed when he spun her, mimicking the other dancers around them with the same bumping and grinding moves. Funny how the same too-close contact with the man-child Kevin had squicked her out, but with Bryan it was awakening all sorts of dirty desires.

Laura let the alcohol, the music, the flashing lights and the heat take over as she moved sinuously against Bryan. Her libido kicked in with a vengeance, taking her unaware. His hands on her waist reminded her of a time when sex was exciting, fun, something she looked forward to. How long had it been since she felt this way?

She twisted, wrapping her arms around Bryan’s shoulders, laughing when he placed a firm hand on her lower back and pushed her into a dip that was so sexual and hot, Laura couldn’t believe they weren’t setting off the smoke detectors.

“You look beautiful, Laura. How the hell did I miss this in high school? If I hadn’t been such a blind fool, I’d have been on you like white on rice.”

She rolled her eyes, grinning at his compliment. “We became friends when both of us were in the awkward middle school stage. Somehow I don’t think we ever managed to overlook that. You look incredible too, by the way.”

He was sexy as sin. She wondered how he’d respond if she ran her hand along his chest, maybe letting it drift even lower until she found his cock. Would he enjoy such an inappropriate touch? Would he accept an invitation to come back to her place for more?

Shit. She was starting to sound like Josie who’d developed a must-have-sex-soon obsession lately. Time to rein in the hormones.

Laura hadn’t lied about their geeky looks in school. She’d gone through a very unattractive Dorothy Hamill hairstyle phase, complete with braces, while Bryan had sported a crew cut and thick glasses. Neither of them had managed to outgrow that unattractiveness until sophomore year. By then, the friendship was solid, and neither of them was interested in messing with the status quo.

She was tempted now. Holy crap, was she tempted.

Bryan’s hands slid along her waist, finding the tiny bit of skin revealed by her lifted arms. Was she imagining the sensual stroke of his fingers?

Wishful thinking?

He pulled her closer, their faces only inches apart. Heat coursed through her. Sure, the room was warm from so many gyrating bodies in a small space, but she didn’t think it was the exercise or crowd that was leaving her so hot and bothered.

She ran her fingers through Bryan’s shaggy salt and pepper hair. He’d lost the crew cut and embraced the waves he’d cursed during their younger years. His face had matured, as he’d shed the clean-cut boy-next-door look. His jaw was rough with a five o’clock shadow and there were laugh lines around his eyes that gave his face character. In a word, he was handsome.

And she was completely attracted to him.

She wasn’t sure where those feelings were coming from. She’d sworn with her divorce that she was finished with men. Laura had had enough male moodiness and so-so sex to last her a lifetime. She’d declared good riddance and hadn’t questioned that decision.

Until now. Her sex drive had reemerged, screaming out loud and clear that it wasn’t finished yet.

Bryan’s hand slipped beneath her blouse, touching her bare back, using his strength to guide them in the dance.

It was sex to music, just as Georgie said. Laura pressed her hips closer, unsurprised to feel Bryan’s hard cock. He studied her face, then winked.

Her smile grew. “You always were a shameless flirt.”

“And you were always ready to take a walk on the wild side.”

Laura turned her face away, staring at the dancers without seeing them. She couldn’t remember being that person, but as Bryan’s hands roamed over her skin, she wanted to escape the bonds of practicality. She longed to be uninhibited, carefree…wild.

“Hey, Laura!”

Laura caught sight of Kristen approaching her, shoving her way through the crowd.

“We’re getting ready to go. Georgie overindulged on the shots and I’m afraid it’s not going to end well. Jason and Nick offered to drive us home. Okay?”

Laura stepped away from Bryan. “Sure. Give me a minute?”

Kristen took a long look at Bryan, then gave her a surprised, but approving, smile. “I’ll give you two if you make sure to get his phone number.”

Bryan chuckled at Kristen’s matchmaking as she walked away. “Exchanging phone numbers sounds like a good idea to me.”

Bryan led Laura back to where her friends were waiting. Georgie was definitely past the point of no return as Nick held her up. Kristen and Jason were settling the tab. “Looks like we better roll. Will you really join Facebook? There are quite a few of our friends from school on there and…” She paused, wondering if she was being too forward.

“And?” he prompted.

“I can send you my phone number through a private message.”

He nodded. “Yeah. I’ll join. Might be fun to see what some of the gang is up to. And I’d like to see you again. Catch up.”

“Laura?” Kristen said. “Ready?”

“Yeah.” Laura pointed her finger, making a circle around her face. “I’ll Facebook you.”

He laughed at her silly gesture, then put his pinky and thumb to his mouth and ear, mimicking a phone. “I’ll call you.”

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