New Beginnings

Come and raise a glass with me. Today is a day of new beginnings.

First off, it’s the first of October. A new month. Oh, and my birthday month. There’s a reason to sip your drink in celebration.

Second: we have moved into our new house. I mean really moved. The boxes are unpacked, the house is livable. And I absolutely love it. Sure, it’s old – but it overlooks an enormous park which in turn leads to the sea. Not much to complain about there, huh? Soon we’ll update it, change the kitchen, redo the floors etc, but for now, it’s home, and it’s wonderful. Take another sip to celebrate the new house.

My next reason to celebrate? I finally bit the bullet and got myself a blog. True, I’m terrified, and have no idea how to use one of these things. Gosh. I even wonder if anyone will read it. It’s a pretty self indulgent thing, isn’t it? Having a blog, that you keep to record your thoughts, in the hopes that someone else will read it. But heck – it’s 2007. Everyone’s doing it, everyone’s blogging. So I will too! Take your second sip now, to celebrate the new blog.

Aw – what the heck, drink the whole glass!

I’ll be back soon, to work out how to use the blog, add some pictures, indulge my thoughts on paper – uh computer – and generally shoot the breeze with anyone who’s interested.



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