Thursday’s Thirteen

Ah, another first for me. I’ve never done the Thursday thirteen before.

Here we go:


Thirteen Australianisms I love:

1) No worries, y’awright and it’s all good

2) G’day mate

3) Ute (SUV)

4) Daggy tracky dacks (Ugly tracksuit pants). Didn’t have a clue what this meant when I first arrived here.

5) Barby (BBQ)

6) Chrissie (Christmas)

7) Duuhlin’ (Darling – can be used when refering to a woman or child, in place of mate.)

8) Macca’s (MacDonalds)

9) The affectionate “O” at the end of a name. (eg, garbos/garbage collectors; ambos/ambulance drivers or paramedics; Danno/Daniel)

10) Dacking (The term assigned to the act of pulling down someone’s pants.)

11) Marone (Spelled maroon, pronounced marone)

12) Arvo (afternoon)

13) Sickie (Sick day)

These are just a few. If I sat down and really thought about it, I could come up with hundreds more. Ah, you gotta love Australia!



2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thirteen

  1. Yeah, it is like learning another language. The worse part for me, when I visited, being Canadian, I couldn’t even pronounce my name correctly. No wonder I came back with an accent. Good list. Happy TT.

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