Back to school and new releases




Well, school has begun again. Which means I have a few hours some mornings to get some writing done.

**Happy Dancing**

I didn’t get to write a sentence while the kids where on holiday. Problem is, now I’m out of the rhythm. (Does anyone else find that an impossible word to spell. I have to spell check it every time.) So, today, instead of writing, I reread my current WIP. The good news is, some of it is quite good. The bad news is, some of it is not. Sigh. I’m in for a ton of rewriting before I can move forward with the story.

But it’ s okay. At least I have the time to write now- at least until December, when holidays begin again…

While I’m here, Samhain have some new releases. Looking forward to Pam Champagne’s Enchanted Inn. I love time travel Romances.


Judgment at John's Hollow

“Judgment at John’s Hollow”
by Lionel LaVergne

Buy from MBaM

Ready or Not

“Ready or Not”
by Anara Bella

Buy from MBaM

The Enchanted Inn

“The Enchanted Inn”
by Pam Champagne

Buy from MBaM





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