Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things about Jess Dee:

1) Jess Dee is a pen name. (Surprise!) I chose the name based on two of my favorite people in the world.

2) Jess means God watches (Hebrew). Dee means Good luck (Irish).

3) Originally, my pen name was Jessica Dee. Jessica Dee is a porn star with HIV. (Understand why I changed the name?)

4)When not writing erotic romance, I’m a wife and mother, leading a regular life.

5) I adore food. Any food. Junk food, and anything with sugar in it top my list.

6) I make a yummy cheese cake.

7) Last year I did something I never in a million years dreamed I would – I went sky diving.

8) I grew up in South Africa.

9) Now I live in Sydney.

10) I am 38 years old. (But only just.)

11) I will not let anyone else pack my dish washer. If someone does – I will repack it. (Okay, go ahead, call me obsessive compulsive…)

12)My hubby and I have the same birthday (but he is three years older.)

13) My lucky number is 8.



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