Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen ways I procrastinate:

I am the world’s biggest procrastinator. If I can put something off I do. See, I’m putting off writing this list. Okay, 13 ways I avoid working on my current MS the morning…

1) Make myself a cup of tea. (Can’t even switch on the computer without it.)

2) Have to check emails from the night before.

3) Must respond to all those emails from the night before. Even the ones that don’t warrant a response.

4) Quickly browse the internet. (Well, what if there’s a new review for Ask Adam, and I’ve missed it?)

5) Open the file I’m working on and and read from the beginning. (Just to recap what I did the day before.)

6) Remember I haven’t unpacked the dishwasher, so race to kitchen to do that.

7) Come back and check new emails.

8) Respond to new emails.

9) Darn. Dirty washing. Have to put a load in the machine.

10) Which reminds me, I have to fold the load in the drier from yesterday.

11) All the work has made me hungry. Time for breakfast/peanut butter sandwich.

12) Can’t have breaky without another cup of tea. Hmm, no wait…coffee

13) Oops, better check if any emails arrived while I was out the office.

Takes me a long time to finally started…



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