When is a bad review not so bad?


So yesterday I found a message from a reviewer in my inbox. She politely thanked me for allowing her to review Ask Adam, and asked me to consider her review site for further books. I raced to click on her link, and read with eager anticipation to find out what she thought about the book.

And that’s when my heart sank. Obviously she didn’t think much of it. Two Kisses. Out of a possible five. Two Lips Reviews define books with that rating as: “Okay. It had some good parts and some bad but they didn’t strike an even balance.”

I was gutted. Absolutely. Someone had read the book and not liked it. It wasn’t possible. Everyone HAS to like Ask Adam. They just have to. It’s the rule. How can they not?

Well, Lettetia didn’t. So I did what anyone in my situation would do. I read the whole review with morbid fascination – at least fifteen times. And you know what? I found I didn’t mind. Yes, someone had read the book, and no, she hadn’t liked it. But that was okay. It doesn’t mean that it’s a terrible book, or that my writing is not readable. It just means Lettetia didn’t like Adam. He’s too alpha for her. She states: “If you like an alpha hero who is hard-nosed to the end, you will love Ask Adam, but if you like your heroes to display a little more empathy at certain moments, perhaps you should try something else.”

Now lets be honest. It’s impossible to love everybody. Hell, I don’t, that’s for sure. Now Adam is definitely an alpha male. No doubt about. And loads of us don’t like alpha males. (Usually I don’t, but of course, I made an exception for Adam.) Mrs Giggles didn’t like Adam either. This is what she said: “Ask Adam is best appreciated by fans of those Neanderthal heroes such as those brainless walking erections in those older Linda Howard books.”

I really tried to be offended by this, but hello? In a round about way, Mrs Giggles just compared my hero to Linda Howard’s. How on earth can I be anything but utterly flattered? Besides, it’s okay if she didn’t like Adam. The important part is that Lexi does. After all, the book isn’t about me, or kisses, or giggles. It’s about Lexi and Adam.

And as Lettitia said: if you like an alpha hero who is hard-nosed to the end – you will love Ask Adam.



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