Frustrating law suits

I didn’t sleep on Tuesday night. Not a wink. Why? Because, finally, after months of waiting, the Triskelion court date (to decide what will happen with the Trisk contracts not sold in the auction) was upon us. Yep. 4th of Dec. The big day. Several postponements had ensured we wouldn’t find resolution earlier.

I went to bed on Tuesday night, suddenly nervous as anything. I had sworn to myself I would not get upset by the bankruptcy. Photo Opportunity was saved before Trisk closed it’s doors – and that was the big one. I decided it wasn’t too important if Visiting Paradise from Boys Down Under got lost in the black hole of the bankruptcy. Man, was I wrong. Visiting Paradise means more to me than I realised. It’s my contribution to the Australian Anthology.

Truth is, I am dying to see the book republished. I want it out there again. I want to promote with my co-authors. Can you understand my angst?

After hours of tossing and turning I get up to check my inbox. Could it be that VP is finally mine again? Could it? The answer in short:

NO! The judge postponed again.

URGH!!! VP remains lost in the void. I cannot access it, I cannot touch it. No resolution. Excuse me please if I go and shout at the wall. The wait continues…

On a more exciting note, the new releases are out at Samhain. Three guesses which one I am going for…

Shadowed Knight by Jan Alyce Avery
Shadowed Knight by Jan Alyce Avery
$5.50 $4.95
Enjoying the Show by Marie Harte
Enjoying the Show by Marie Harte
$3.50 $3.15
Marked by Joely Skye
Marked by Joely Skye
$4.50 $4.05
Solarion Heat by Kathleen Scott
Solarion Heat by Kathleen Scott
$2.50 $2.25
Unwrapped by Jaci Burton
Unwrapped by Jaci Burton
$3.50 $3.15

Yep. I love Jaci Burton. Hot, emotional reads every time.



One thought on “Frustrating law suits

  1. Oh Jess, I’m so sorry the lawsuit has been postponed again. And I’m sorry the email you were waiting for didn’t contain the news you’d hoped. Neither did mine if that helps at all. We can be cross together and continue to wait for another email! Nobody ever told me about all the waiting in this business.

    I suggest some chocolate therapy, and maybe some shopping therapy this weekend. Be kind to yourself, or if not kick something!

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