Thursday Thirteen

Oops. Haven’t done this in a couple of weeks.

Right, school holidays begin for the summer here. So I’m gonna try think up Thirteen ways to entertain the kids during December/January:

1) bondi-beach.jpg

The beach (That’s Bondi in the pic)

2) The pool

3) The zoo

4) The aquarium

5) Movies. Lots of them.

6) The wildlife park

7) Picnics in parks

8) Playdates. Lots of them

9) Bike rides

10)Holiday (only getting away for ten days in Jan tho. There’s a lot of entertaining to do before then.)

11) Going to see the Christmas lights/decorations.

12) Lots of walks and adventures in reserves.

13) Lazy mornings in bed reading and watching TV. (Okay, that one’s more for mum – but I’m on holiday too you know.)

I would be ever so grateful for more suggestions. Anyone have any???



2 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Thanx for the suggestion, Cait.
    Only prob is Gosford is a little far for me and two kids.
    Hubby is working most of the holiday.
    But perhaps, I can twist his arm…

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