Circle of Three – Only Tyler (My Good Excuse)

Woo hoo. I can finally speak about it! My editor has given me the okay.


Samhain has just accepted Circle of Three – Only Tyler .

See? I told you I had a good excuse for not being up to date with things. I’ve waited ages for this one to become official. Carrie (my first marvelous editor from Samhain,) wanted the book months ago. (But only after I’d rewritten it extensively.) For a few reasons, we waited on the contract. Then, in an unexpected, and very sad turn of events, Carrie had to leave Samhain. (Blowing her kisses and sending her cyber hugs).

Circle of Three was left in limbo.

Enter Jennifer (my second marvelous Samhain editor). Not only did she accept me into her group of writers, but she took time out of her ridiculously busy schedule to read the manuscript. (Yep, cyber thank you hugs for her.) Guess what? She liked it. She wants the book.

Circle of Three has a home. How happy am I?

Oh, um, did you ask about a release date? Well, oops. Not sure yet. I’ll keep you posted though.

So, what is the book all about? It’s the first in a two-part series about three close friends. (And no, contrary to the suggestive title, it is not a menage.)

Circle of Friends

The bonds of friendship are about to be stretched to the limit. Will love win out, or will the links that hold longtime friends Katelyn Rosewood, Tyler Bonnard and Steve Sommers together splinter under the pressure of an impossible situation?

Circle of Three — Only Tyler


Katelyn Rosewood is facing a moral dilemma. He’s six-foot-two, sexy as sin, and he’s her fiancé’s best friend. Tyler Bonnard is back in Sydney, and Katie’s carefully reconstructed world is about to turn upside down…

Two years before Steve Sommers proposed to Katie, she and Tyler were lovers. But Tyler left her, choosing London over their relationship. Now he’s back, with a devastating explanation for his departure, and an outrageous reason for his return.

Katie is torn between the man to whom she has committed her future, and the man who has her heart. How can she choose, without destroying the foundations of three friendships, or losing the two most important men in her life?

Thank you Samhain, for turning this dream into a reality.



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