One year and sixteen days


Only a year and sixteen days to go until Circle of Three: Only Tyler is released.

LOL, seems like a lifetime until the 20th of Jan, 2009, but that’s the date I’ve been given. I guess that allows me loads of time to get cracking on my next manuscript. Won’t have to worry about edits starting anytime soon.

Just as well, I suppose. I’ve just been in deep edit with Photo Opportunity. Yep, it’s only coming out in May, but Jennifer, my editor, has been a very busy bee. She may live in the States, but I swear every time I take a break from my computer, I hear her whip cracking. 😉 Nah. Not really. She’s a doll, and hasn’t worked me hard at all. (Um, gulp, maybe that’s because Photo Op has already been edited once. Wait ’til she gets going on Circle of Three. I fear I will not be able to see the page for the edits.)

So for now, edits aside, I have a few things to look forward to this year:

1) May: the re-release of Photo Opportunity.

2) June (or so I’m guessing, as I don’t have a release date yet): Release of Ask Adam in print. (My first book in print. I cannot WAIT to hold it.)

3) Jan 09: New release – Circle of Three: Only Tyler.

Not a bad future all in all!



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