It’s been a whole month!


A whole month has passed since last I blogged. Cannot believe how out of touch I am. January has gone, and we are already well into the second month of the year.

Okay – so a quick catch up:

We’ve been away. We went to a gorgeous spot in New South Wales, called Jervis Bay. There are tons of beaches to visit there, each one more amazing than the next. If you’re looking for a somewhat rustic, VERY beautiful place to visit, Jervis gets a five star recommendation from me.

Alas, we returned to find our house had become a building site. Been doing renovations, and the builders took advantage of our absence to do all the necessary demolitions. Chaos, dust and mess. We left home again for a while. Couldn’t stay there. We’re back now. Wish I could say the renos are complete, but nope. House still looks like a bomb hit it, but at least we can live here. Access to the computer is limited – and thus so is work, but…at least we are no longer homeless.

Then there’s the wonderful news. Our family has grown in size by one member. Yep. We got a dog. And if I had the foggiest idea how to download pics from our new camera, and fill up the site with photos of Luigi, I would. Alas, I’m a techno dumbie, so let me tell you about him instead. He is beagle/cross pug, and looks like a boxer pup. ADORABLE! I am completely in love with him, although he has already destroyed several pairs of shoes, too many of the kids toys, and has now started in on the dining room chairs. He thinks he rules the house, and has chosen BOTH couches as his choice bed – over the ridiculously expensive basket we bought just for him.

This is a pic I found on Google of another puggle – not Luigi. Lu (pronounced Loo) is the most handsome puggle ever, without a doubt, but this little guy does resemble him quite closely:


The only problem with Lu is that he likes to bite. Hard. And, when he stands on his two back legs, he can rest his paws comfortably on my three year old’s chest, and take not so little bites of his ear. Suffice it to say, the three year old is not enamored of Lu just yet. Hopefully that will change. In the meantime, we are encouraging both of the boys to keep their undies on at all times. Circumcision for religious purposes is one thing. A second, unwanted circumcision is another issue altogether …



2 thoughts on “It’s been a whole month!

  1. Welcome home Jess! Love Jervis Bay, so pretty down there, and a puppy! Had just read Jane Porters blog where she said she’s doing IVF, so when you said you had an addition I did feel a thud of surprise. But a puppy, nearly as much work as a baby, LOL!

    Hope the reno’s are over soon


  2. Glad to see you back Jess. Gosh I remember when my boys were puppies… many years ago. Now they’re grumpy old man dogs who complain about being put outside and sleep almost as much as Koalas.

    They’re a lot of work when they’re young, but so cute. Enjoy the time.

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