Busy, busy, busy…


…on rewrites for Circle of Four-Steve’s Story.

The good news is, my editor liked the end! Phew. Thank God. The final chapters of that book nearly killed me. I never thought I’d get it done!

The not so good news is she wants LOADS of rewrites. And I mean loads!

Ah, but that’s okay. After reading her comments, I think she’s right. Rewrites will improve the book, oh about a hundred percent or so. So, I have buckled down and hit the keyboard in a big way. Steve’s Story is undergoing major renovations. (Just like my house.) Is it stressful? You bet it is, but hopefully, it will be worth it. It’s nice to be with Steve and Pen again. Katie’s having a hard time, but then so is Tyler. As for Steve and Pen, well, the path to true love is never easy, is it?

Can’t stop to chat now. Have to get back to work.



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