Tagged-10 things you never knew about me

I’ve been loathe to write anything, in fear that anyone who reads my blog won’t catch sight of my gorgeous new cover for Photo Op. LOL. Best get past that or I will never blog again.

My writer friend, Sami Lee (bless her) sent me the chain blog yesterday, asking me to list 10 things about myself you never knew. Alas, I feel completing the task anew would be cheating, as I already received the mail about a year ago – and filled it in on the blog on my MySpace page. What I’ve decided to do is copy and paste my answers from that blog – which I never use anymore – to this one. (Sami – I hope that’s okay?)

Here you go, 10 things you never knew about me…(be warned, some are a little weird.)

1) I live in Sydney, but grew up in Johannesburg.
2) I once watched a cheetah hunt and kill a springbok in the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park. What an awesome trip to the game park that was!!!
3) I had my first kiss when i was eleven. (It wasn’t so good.)
4) Watching horror movies scare the bejeepers out of me. (Can’t sleep for several nights afterwards.)
5) I once stumbled upon a couple having sex on the beach. (Fortunately they didn’t see me.)
6) One glass of wine is more than enough to make me pleasantly tipsy.
7) Okay, I admit, I still bite my nails sometimes.
8) I hate other people’s feet. (Told you. Weird).
9) I love a good back tickle.
10) Waking up early in the morning is tantamount to torture in my book.

With that, I believe I have fulfilled my tagged obligation. I fear I might be attacked if I forward this to anyone else. :O



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