Yeehaa! Great news.


Circle of Four – Steve’s Story has just been accepted by Samhain Publishing.

Wooo hoooo. I am flying. Got the news yesterday, but didn’t want to post it until I had the contract in my hot little hands. Well, it’s here now, so I can celebrate.

Don’t think this came easy. I had to rewrite half the book. Jennifer (my editor) liked the original version, but didn’t love it. She thought I needed to tweak several parts. So boy, did I tweak. And apparently the tweaking went okay.


Only Tyler and Steve’s Story are officially part of Samhain now – together, where they should be.

Please, don’t think I didn’t have palpitations several times over the past month waiting for the news. Damn, the wait can kill you.

Oh, did I mention one major change? The books have been renamed. Crissy, (Samhain’s head honcho) felt that Circle of Three and Circle of Four were far too suggestive of menage-which this series does not contain. So, from here on, the series will be known as
Circle of Friends, and the books will be titled simply: Only Tyler and Steve’s Story.

Oh, um, did you say you wanted to read the blurb? Yep, well tiny prob with that. I don’t really have one yet. I haven’t managed to find the right punchy lines to describe the book. But I guess I will have to get onto it ASAP, just like I will also have to bang out some form of a synopsis. Aargh. They don’t call it the dreaded synopsis for nothing. Meanwhile, this is what is posted on my website. Perhaps it’s enough to give you a tiny teaser…

Three friends have survived the toughest of tests. Or so they thought. Can they overcome one final hurdle to ensure all of their future happiness?

Find out in the heart-wrenching completion of the Circle of Friend’s series—Steve’s Story.

Promise when I have a proper blurb, I will post it.



4 thoughts on “Yeehaa! Great news.

  1. Thanx Mags.
    I held my breath a long time waiting for this one.
    LOL, now I have to start on something brand new, and cannot think of one single idea.

  2. Great news Jess. I actually think Chrissy was right about the title – it did make me think of a menage story every time I read it. Perhaps that’s just my dirty mind though 🙂

    Good luck with the synopsis!


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