Welcome Selena Illyria

I am delighted to introduce Selena Illyria to my blog. I won’t waste your time saying much about her, as she has more than adequately introduced herself in her bio below. 🙂

Enjoy getting to know Selena, and reading a tidbit of her very soon to be released work.




Hello everyone! My name is Selena Illyria. Jess was kind enough to allow me to high jack, no that’s not right, I mean, do a blog entry for her site. I’m so honored. Thank you so much Jess! *grin* okay, so let’s see . . . what can I talk about? Hmmm . . .paranormal? Travel? Vampires? How about all of them?

In, A Fling in Vampiropolis being released by Changeling Press, you get a combination of three. The story is about a woman who travels to one of the few all vampire cities in the U.S., Vampiropolis and has a fling with a local. I adore this book, it combines two things I love, vampires and travel. And now in this book you get both. This book was a joy to write, although, it demanded a lot of creativity from me.

After all I can’t just do research and look up Vampiropolis on Google, now can I? LOL, nope, wouldn’t that be scary if one actually existed? And to top it off, it was a city of Vamps? *Selena crosses fingers* Please let the mayor or head of office be hot, please, pretty please. LOL. What? If they kidnap me demanding to know how I found out about them, I’d like the person interrogating me to be hot and sexy and attracted to me. Wait! Hold that thought, story idea! *Selena scribbles down idea* Ha, okay I’m back.

One of the hardest things about creating the city was naming the places, streets and keeping it somewhat Gothic and Vamp related. But as the world in my mind morphed things changed and it was no longer just a Vamp theme, but I’m getting ahead of myself, waaaaay ahead. LOL.

One of my favorite places in Vampiropolis, is The Silver Stake Pub. It’s one of the places the heroine, Nevada Justice, goes to and meets the hero, Lucian Sandros. The atmosphere is fun and boisterous and I can tell you that the clientele is a great mix of people. The second place I love is Celia Simone’s Boutique, which we go to later in the story. Lida, the owner is just fun!

I can’t wait to share this world with you. A Fling in Vamiropolis comes out March 28th with Changeling Press. Here is the blurb, buy link and a little teaser:

Determined to have fun and relieve some of the stress from her job, Nevada Justice decides to take a vacation to one of the few all-vampire cities in the U.S., Vampiropolis. What she doesn’t count on is meeting vampire Lucian Sandros, having a hot steamy affair with him and developing feelings for him. After having a big fight with him on her last day in Vampiropolis, she thinks she’ll never see him again. What will she do when he comes to Normalville for her?

Buy Link

He pulled her close as the crowd in the pub increased. He lowered his head, putting his mouth near her ear. “Hold tight, don’t want you to get jostled.”
“You just want me to hang on to you.”
“That too.”
He laughed and she found herself biting her lip. His laugh was deep and rich, like a man who enjoyed life, reveled in it to be exact. She found herself loving his laugh, looking into his eyes which twinkled with mischief.
“Stick with me and I’ll show you how to have a good time, a really good time.”
“Really, you think you know what I like?”
“Oh, I do, mavro mou roda, more than you know.”
She held up a finger to which he bent his head and kissed it.
“Stop that and no reading my mind.”
“I don’t have to read your mind to know what you like and what you want, love.”
She raised an eyebrow. “Why? Because you’re a man?”
“No, because I love women and know how to treat them.” Luc’s hands slid further down her waist.

And before I forget here are my bio and links:
Dear Reader,
In a man’s letters his soul lies naked.
– Samuel Johnson
I/R Author, Selena Illyria was born with need to write and an over active imagination. She loves to write stories featuring futuristic cities that can only be imagined, visit island kingdoms of vampire/dragons, giggle with mischievous pixies, peek in on faeries looking for their mates, check in on the naughty staff of an exclusive academy, and sigh over how in love a powerful business exec is with his wife. She can’t wait to write stories with her talented, creative and wonderful CPs Celia Kyle and Shara Cooper. And when she’s not writing, she loves to read many different genres of books. She also loves to watch some of her favorite movies (too many to be named) and televisions shows. She also, loves to listen to some of her favorite musical artists. All of these things help inspire her to write. She does believe in the quote above. She does believe that part of writing does bare a part of the soul.
If you’d like to know more about her, you, can visit the following places:
Website: www.selenaillyria.com
Blog: www.selenaillyriasthoughts.blogspot.com
My Space Page: www.myspace.com/selenaillyria
Selena Illyria Contributes to: www.pinkchairdiaries.com
You Can Email her at: selenaillyria826@gmail.com
So, reader, now that you’ve been told you a bit about her. Can she tempt you dear reader? Can she seduce you into her world and show you a bit of her soul? And if you’d like, you can show her a bit of yours. Do we have deal? Please ignore the wicked gleam in her eye, it was trick of the light. *smile*
P.S. The Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/selena-illyria-and-shara-coopers-seductive-secrets

Well, I gotta go for now, sending Hugs all around. Thank You so much for reading my Blog Day and Thank You with Big Hugs to Jess for allowing me to take over her blog for Day. *grin*



5 thoughts on “Welcome Selena Illyria

  1. Woo Hoo! Selena, the day draws ever closer! Can’t wait to pick up my copy of this intriguing story! What’s not to love about vamps (and dang, a whole city of them!) and travel and vacation! Wow!

    Great blog!

  2. Hey Se – I’m looking forward to this release on Friday. You deserve so much success with this and future releases.



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