Absent blogger

Yep, that’s me. The absent blogger.


(I found this pic at: www.maintainyourhome.ca/)

Sorry, I am struggling to find time in front of my computer. We’re on the home stretch of our house renovations, and honestly, I can hardly access my office, never mind my computer, for all the contractors here. Today alone we had: The builders, the tilers, the carpenters (or chippies as they are known here), the painters, the kitchen installers, the plumber and the renderers. Yesterday, all the same people were here, plus the window cleaner, house cleaners and electrician (sparky). When I walked outside at one point, there were 11 cars parked in the road – all for us – and that does not include my car.

So forgive me if I’m a little slack with the blog. I’m hoping you’ll understand. Oh, yeah, talking about blogs, I’m due to blog over at Samhain on Wednesday at 3pm EST. Why not pop on in and say hi .



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