What do readers look for in a hero?

So, some of you readers spoke out earlier, and told me about your ideal heroes. Curious to know what we look for in a man and in a hero? Read on:

– “I don’t really have a visual description. My ideal hero is the hero who is oh-so-in-love with his heroine. I adore when he isn’t ultra-alpha. May have uncertainties, takes consideration in decisions. Not a whimp, just conscientious.” (Kathy)

– “I love a strong dominant man who also has a sensitive side. Dark sexy eyes and a sexy quirk to his grin would be nice too.
A man who takes the time and effort to stay in relatively good shape would necessary. If he doesn’t care enough to take care of himself than…
I want one who likes to play and experiment sexually.” (Sandie)

– “Well, in addition to Hot, Sexy, Creative, and Confident – I love it when the hero knows that he’s crazy for the heroine and goes after her without hesitation.
This way, the story is awesome to read because the hero is on the hunt and that can lead to some very hot scenes! :)” (Karen)

– “A tall man with green eyes and a captivating smile who makes me laugh and sings only for me. aka-My Husband. :)” (Jambrea)

– “As far as looks, I like tall, dark and handsome. Blue eyes too. My husband fits that description.
As far as character – funny, patient, and intelligent. Maybe handy with power tools!” (Valerie)

– “Navy seal , dark hair that is slightly on the longish side okay would have to be ex navy seal lol. Smart he has to have a brain, sensitive supportive and caring, good sense of humor. Built but not overly so, nice tan, and piercing blue eyes. Can I get that to go please?” (Tina)

LOL. What do you think?

Personally, my romance hero is just like Daniel Tanner: Blonde hair, blue eyes, and sexy as a pin-up model. On top of all that, he’s smart, kind, funny and he adores his heroine.

As for my real life hero. That’s easy. My hubby!



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