Two brand new reviews

Lookie what I just found!

Two brand new reviews, one for Photo Op and one for Ask Adam.

Melinda from My Book Cravings read and reviewed BOTH books.

She had this to say about Photo Opportunity:

“Jess Dee not only created a beautiful story of life-long friendships but the way she did the seduction between them was awesome… Jess Dee sure knows when to push her characters and did she ever with Amy and Daniel. Great book.”

Melinda then went on to review Ask Adam:

“Oh my god I was thrilled to see there was a sequel of Photo Opportunity and boy does Jess Dee go all the way out. Not only does she have a beautiful cover but man AJ is one hot man coming to life in this beautiful story… Loved it and can’t wait for more of this talented author. One word of advice you will never look at elevators the same way…”

What can I say other than:





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