Hurrah for re-releases

So, I just snuck a peak at MBaM’s bestseller list, and look what I noticed:

Kari Thomas, CJ England and my books are all up there. All of them have been published before, and still they are selling beautifully.

Wow. Thank you to all you readers for giving our books a second chance.


In the last three weeks

01. Stay With Me by Maya Banks
02. FireDrake by Bianca D’Arc
03. Still Mine by Mary Wine
04. Claiming Their Mate by Paige McKellan
05. Photo Opportunity by Jess Dee
06. Temptation Unleashed by Kari Thomas
07. Some Kind of Hero by Michelle Cary
08. The Wallflower by Dana Marie Bell
09. Midnight Reborn by D. McEntire
10. Eyes of Fire by CJ England

2 thoughts on “Hurrah for re-releases

  1. You’ve had so much good news to share lately I can hardly keep up. Congrats on all the best-seller news and the great reviews. You’ve worked hard for it all!

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