A good day in all…

It’s been a good day today.

I’m happy to say that inspiration struck when I least expected it. Out of nowhere, an idea for a book popped into my head.

Is it an all new idea, you ask? Nah. you know me. I find it impossible to just write one book. For some reason, I feel compelled to turn my books into series. This WIP is a direct continuation of the manuscript I completed the week before last. Okay, so I had thought while writing Part One that there was potential for Part Two, but honestly, I never had any clue how it would pan out.

Now I have some clue-although that’s about all. I have a beginning, and a vague plot, and yep, there’s just a hint of conflict coming through. But as to the end…well, that’s still open for negotiation. But I’ll keep you posted.

Can’t continue blogging tho, have to go get some sleep. Need to be well rested for tomorrow, so I can get cracking on this book.


PS – hope I can get to sleep. Jambrea, from Samhain Cafe and Joyfully Reviewed has just teased the daylights out of me. She wants to know if I’m ready for the 1st of June, because supposedly something good is happening then. Now I have to pretend I’m not obsessing about what it is…


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