Joyfully Jambreally Recommended…TWICE!

Today I received not one, but two emails, direct from Joy at Joyfully Reviewed, wishing me congratulations. Both Photo Opportunity and Ask Adam have been chosen as two of the Joyfully Recommended books for June.

How cool is that?

The evil tease, Jambrea – from Joyfully Reviewed – has been mercilessly dropping hints that something good was coming my way…but I never dreamed I’d be hit with this double delight!

Here is what Jambrea had to say:

Photo Opportunity is wonderfully delicious. Jess Dee made me cry and ripped out my heart. She gave me that feeling you get when something is about to go very wrong and your heart just drops to the pit of your stomach. Talk about a roller coaster ride.” (Read full review.)

Ask Adam is the hot, steamy, and emotional follow-up to Photo Opportunity and I was not disappointed. Once again, Jess Dee made me cry… I am Joyfully Recommending Ask Adam because it is just as good, if not better, than Photo Opportunity.” (Read full review.)

Jambrea…THANK YOU!!!



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