Please join me in welcoming the lovely Sami Lee to my blog. I am so excited to have her here. She’s put together a little bio and an enticing little excerpt to tickle your taste buds.

Sami will be popping back frequently, so don’t be shy to leave her a message or two.

Now, without further ado… Heeeere’s Sami:

Hello. My name is Sami and I write romance novels.

It sounds like I’m introducing myself at a 12 step program. Perhaps they ought to have one for people like me. I walk around with an entire cast of characters in my head – or my creative brain as I prefer to call it because it seems to excuse what would otherwise be referred to as insanity. Hey, it worked for Van Gogh so I’m stealing it – although I do like my ears where they are, thank you very much.

My good friend and fellow Samhain author Jess has invited me here today to introduce myself and talk about my latest release. Fijian Fling is a short story that’s just been released by Samhain Publishing in an anthology entitled Sand, Sun and Sex. It’s the story of Nick and Sophie, an unlikely pair that find love can overcome all manner of obstacles. Or it’s a fun bit of erotic escapism set on a tropical island in the hot summer sun (yes, this is the story with the now notorious shower scene). Either way you look at it, I hope you check it out. There are three other stories in the print book by authors Beth Williamson, Michelle Cary and Jennifer Colgan, so this book is great value.

Here’s a taste of Fijian Fling:

“Will it sound like a line if I ask if this seat is taken?”
Sophie looked up at the man who had spoken, her pulse hitching at the breadth of shoulders and the ridged expanse of haired chest, muscled and damp and smelling of the ocean. He wore nothing but a pair of denim cut-offs that clung wetly to his slim hips.
“Nick,” she said and snapped her gaze back to his face. Dominick Dufour, the owner of this casual little resort off the beaten track on Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji.
“You remember,” he noted, and Sophie gave herself a mental kick for letting it show. In the past, she’d gone out of her way to treat him with polite aloofness, the best way she could think to handle a man who looked at her in ways men weren’t supposed to look at women holidaying with their significant others. “It’s good to see you again, Sophie.”
He had never called her Miss Edison, always Sophie, even though she had never invited him to use her first name. She had let it slide as a trick of the casual atmosphere of the place before, even when he had continued to refer to Brad as Mr. Winslow.
She couldn’t dismiss the sound of her name on his lips as casual now. There was something too quietly intimate about the way he said it, not bothering to hide the fact he remembered her from her two previous visits here.
“Can I get you another drink?”
“Now, that sounds like a line,” she told him, glad she had recovered her senses enough to sound droll.
His smile was utterly unapologetic. “Sorry.”
She should refuse. She certainly shouldn’t encourage him. But she thought—what the heck? She was on holiday and had every reason to drown her sorrows. “A strawberry daiquiri, thanks.”
He signaled to the bartender before taking a seat on the lounger adjacent to her and stretching out his long legs. They were carpeted with soft-looking, shiny black hair, the muscles of his thighs and calves taut and strong. Her attention snagged on the juncture of his thighs, her eyes taking on a will of their own. Good grief. Had she really just checked out his crotch?

Sami Lee’s FIJIAN FLING is the perfect summer romance story… This is one of my favorites from the MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S STEAM collection. I highly recommend it,”
5 Ribbons! Nickie Langdon, Romance Junkies

You can buy the book either in print or e-format through my books page. Or feel free to visit my site at for a look see.

Enough about me – what about you? What’s your idea of the perfect holiday. Sand, sun and sex or an exciting European city? Paris in the spring or cruising the Caribbean?

Thanks for spending some time with me today. Keep reading what you enjoy.



9 thoughts on “SPOTLIGHT ON…SAMI LEE

  1. Hi Sami, that sounds like a great book.
    My idea of a pefect vacation in a bit different. Camping in an out of the way area with a tent, sleeping bags, coleman stove, and Coolers full of good food is my preferred vacation. Now the final touch would be a really hot book with a good plot an/or a hot hunk of my own to enjoy.


  2. Thanks for stopping by Sandie and Jambrea. Sandie I admire people who enjoy camping, it always sounds so peaceful and relaxing. The reality of it, for me, simply fills my heart with yearning for a four star hotel, or just about anyplace with indoor plumbing!

  3. My Perfect Holiday is on the island of Oahu, sun, sand, and exotic island music, with the most diverse nationality… it is such a wonderful, romantic, warm place to spend a lifetime. (I wish) lol

  4. Mauritius.
    What an exquisite Island. It is everything you imagine a tropical romantic getaway should be.
    Darn pity I was there on a work conference, and not enjoying the sun with my hubby.


  5. Hey Sami and Jess

    I’m a little odd… I’m not gonna choose beach or European city… my fave spot of all time (well of places I’ve been thus far) is Salsburg, Austria. Simply gorgeous. Next in line would have to be Queenstown in NZ… simply gorgeous too!

  6. I would love to go to Australia! I have always wanted to go there and now I know people from there! I’m just going to have to win the lotto and plan my vacation. 🙂

    Camping is NOT for me. My in laws own a primitive camp ground and I sleep in the house! LOL. By primitive I men out houses and the works! Good thing they have indoor plumbing.

    Tropical is good for me too! I really need to win the lotto!!!

  7. It always makes me chuckle when people name Australia as their dream exotic destination! I suppose we do have a lot going for us down here though, I just tend to see it as home. Hope you get to come down some time Jambrea.

    I went to Queenstown years ago Rach and have always wanted to go back. New Zealand has some really beautiful spots. I even love the cities, Wellington and Auckland had such a nice vibe about them – and the Bay of Islands is magic.

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