Menage and More Anthology

I’ve been trying to keep this to myself, tease a little at the Samhain Cafe, but some things are just too big not to share…

So, remember that story I wrote a few weeks back? The one I finished in a month and hummed and ha’ed about whether or not to submit it? Well, I took a chance, and sent it in. Yep, I know. I was nuts. I should have done the right thing and let it rest before rewriting it a dozen times at least.

But, every so often, chances pay off.


My story was accepted!!!

Interested in more details? Sure. Only too happy to oblige. The Anthology I submitted to was one for Samhain, entitled Menage and More. One of the very exciting aspects of this anthology is that it releases in September – 3 months away. Another exciting aspect: I get to share the book with two other authors. Many of you will already know the bestselling writer, Lorelei James from Samhain. And then there is someone new, someone I’m looking forward to meeting – Jayne Rylon. The third brilliant factor is that I get to work with Samhain’s executive editor, Angela James. Wow. What a rush!

So, wanna hear about my story? Not a prob. But be warned – this blurb is totally unedited. I’m sure lots will change…

A Question of Trust:

Madeline Jones is having the time of her life. She’s met a man who fulfills everyone of her sexual fantasies. Things cannot get better than this…or so she thinks.

When Gabriel Carter introduces her to his best friend, Connor Regan, sparks fly. Suddenly Maddie wants more than just Gabe. She wants Connor as well. And Connor and Gabe seem happy to oblige.

But threesomes can get complicated. Hearts can be shattered. Although Gabe and Connor have a set of rules they play by, to minimize such complications, it’s not always easy to follow the guidelines.

Sometimes, even the most comprehensive codes of honor have to be challenged.

Warning: This book contains spicy sex scenes, uninhibited voyeurism, m-f-m passion, anal play, and a new sandwich recipe.

Oh, and if you’re interested in some reader feedback…well, a critique partner emailed me after she read the whole novella. This is a part of what she said:

“You create such enormous emotional tension, whilst delivering on the erotic front, in a moving and thrilling way. I’m in awe.”

Then she emailed a while later to say:

Should have post scripted my email with the fact that I had to write quickly since I was in such a hurry to get upstairs and jump my husband. The poor man didn’t know what hit him!!”




11 thoughts on “Menage and More Anthology

  1. Hey, you know I know and have sent my congrats off line. Been waiting for your big announcement to say it again. Such a great thrill, I look forward to all the exciting developments ahead – book cover etc. Woo hoo!


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