A Second Spotlight on: Selena Illyria

Please help me welcome back Selena!!!

There are two things you should know about her:

First off…it’s her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I am thrilled she could be here for her big day.

And secondly, Selena has a new release out tomorrow. Woohoo. Lots of reasons for celebrating.

Thirdly – be warned – I’ve read the attached excerpt from her new book, and if you are under 18…don’t read it! 😉

So without further ado…here is Selena:

Hi everyone! Jess was kind enough to invite me back. Thank You Jess! Big Hugs.
Okay, so what I’m I supposed to talk about ? Hmmm . . . oh yeah!
Werewolves? Kilts? How about we put them together? Werewolves in kilts, I like that. But not in wolfy form of course. LOL. This leads me to my latest release, Tartan Surprise.
Tartan Surprise takes place in Scotland, where the full moon is near and there is werewolf, Iain O’Keefe, looking to take the edge off of his hunger for sex and violence. He spies Katherine in a pub and catches her staring at him in his kilt. He can see the questions in her eyes and sends her a drink as a way of introduction. How about we talk with Iain for a bit about that day, shall we?
SI: Iain, it’s so nice of you to talk to me.
Iain: Why wouldn’t I want to talk to you?
SI: Um, no reason, I’m just saying it’s nice of you to take the time to talk to me.
Iain: Of course, of course. Drink?
SI: Um, no thank you.
Iain: You sure I can’t tempt you with a nice glass of Bailey’s now?
SI: No, no, that’s okay.
Iain: Well all right then, so what did you want to talk to me about?
SI: Katherine and the night you met her.
Iain: You sure you want the details, love? You know the saying, a gentleman never tells.
SI: Uh, Iain, last I heard you weren’t a gentleman.
Iain pauses, throws his head back and laughs.
Iain: You’re right, but I do have my moments. *chuckles* So, what do you want to know?
Si: Tell us what you thought of when you first saw Katherine.
Iain raises his hand and rubs the back of his neck.
Iain: Do you really want to know that? I mean, not that I won’t tell you know, but, wouldn’t want to scare the people now would I?
SI: That bad huh?
Iain: Filthy rather. *chuckes*
Selena shakes her head.
SI: Can you give us a PG rated version of your thoughts?
Iain: Sure can. When I first saw her I thought, that’s the one I want. Gorgeous, sexy, everything I could want in a woman and then some. I saw her looking. I knew she was wondering if what they say is true about you know, going commando under the kilt and all that and believe me I wanted to show her.
SI: I’m sure you did.
Iain: But I didn’t want to just march over there so I sent over a nice shot of the finest Scottish whisky. After she took the shot I went over and kissed her.
SI: She could have slapped you.
Iain chuckles.
Iain: It would have been worth it. Besides what happened later, well . . . .
Iain’s eyes darken and Selena knows he’s no longer thinking about the interview.
SI: Iain? Hello, back here please.
Iain: What? Oh, sorry, got a bit distracted now where were we?
Iain’s cell phone rings.
Iain: Excuse me for a second.
Iain gets up and walks away but Selena can hear his voice get lower and huskier. After a moment, Iain returns to the table.
Iain: Sorry about that, um would you mind if we did this interview another time, gotta get home, business to take care of.
Selena: Sure, have fun.
Iain: Oh you know I will. *chuckles*

Well that wasn’t much of an interview so how about I give you a taste of Tartan Surprise?

Iain just wanted someone to help take the edge off before the full moon rose in a few days. When he met Katherine in the pub he felt he had found the perfect person to help him with his problem.
Katherine could not resist the kilted stranger who caught her eye at the bar. When he offered her a night of hot sex she couldn’t say no.
But what happens when she finds out that the stranger is her boss’s son?

Buy Link:

“Nope, I’m done for the day, how much…” she was stopped when he held up his hand.
“All ready taken care of, love,” he nodded his head toward the man at her right. She rolled her eyes and sighed. Turning on her stool, she looked at him, his smile said it all. He thought he was going to get rewarded for his thoughtfulness. Not tonight, pal, she thought.
“I’m not going to sleep with you, give you a blow job or a hand job. Just because you bought me a drink means nothing, it was your money you wasted. Now if you’ll excuse me, thank you and good night.”
She turned all the way around and hopped off the stool, hating that fact that she was only five foot three inches, and she had to hop down. Her booted heels clunked on the old wooden floor. She had just made it beyond the threshold of the entrance when she felt a hand wrap around her wrist, and she was jerked back. Her spine hit a wall and two hands were placed next to each side of her head. She could see his chiseled face was a contrast of the darkness of the entryway to his right and the dim, golden glow of the bar to his left. She swallowed wondering if he was pissed at her for her brush off.
“First, I never asked you to pay me back. Nor did I ask you to sleep with me, or give me a blow job or a hand job. Those things would be nice, and I would have loved for you to offer, but I didn’t. So don’t assume you know anything about me just because I buy you a drink.”
She was speechless.
“I did kiss you, not because of the drink, but because I wanted to, and besides, you were staring at my kilt. You were wondering if it’s true what they say, weren’t you?”
As his face moved closer to hers, the scent of whiskey surrounded her. The warmth of his body moved closer, causing her to try and move back to make room. She was now very aware of the size difference between them, he had to be about six feet and over, as he crowded her, filling her view with just him. She gulped, lifted up her hands and placed them on the massive wall of muscle before her. He lowered his head until their lips were just a breath apart.
“I can tell you with great certainty that it’s all true,” he murmured as his lips brushed hers. She quaked, his heat washed over her, she was burning up. The room was too hot. Her body ached, her skin felt too tight, her breasts felt full and heavy, her stomach tightened in anticipation as her pussy throbbed and her clit pulsed with need. He passed of his lips over hers before pressing his mouth and then his body fully against her, curves melting into hardened muscle. The kiss was slow and simmering with held back heat. She took handfuls of his shirt, pulling him closer until her palms were trapped between them.


One thought on “A Second Spotlight on: Selena Illyria

  1. Sounds like a great story, Selena. It’s hard to resist werewolves and men in kilts. This has both. 🙂
    Hope you had a happy birthday!

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