My menage buddy

No, all you dirty minded readers, I’m not talking about that kind of buddy. I’m talking about my writing buddy, Sami Lee, who just sold her menage novella to Samhain!


The one reason I am so excited by this news is that Sami and I were busy writing our novellas at the same time, and honestly, if I hadn’t had her to help me through the process, I would never have finished my book. She was an amazing support, and had me crying with laughter at some of her comments and observations.

The other reason I am so excited is that I have read Sami’s novella, Chasing Sunset, and OMG it is brilliant. Super hot, and a fantastic story. So fantastic that she inspired me to blog about it a while ago – and discuss Menage at the Samhain Cafe. Of course I had to keep mum about whose story it was. Didn’t want to post any spoilers, but now that it’s all official…well you can look forward to the release date in Dec of 08.

Don’t miss this one. I promise you. It is an awesome read.



3 thoughts on “My menage buddy

  1. You know, I’ve never met a romance writer before. The genre has always intrigued me because some of my readers tell me that my work has a strong romance component. I never thought of my writing that way, simply as a story and romance-type elements seem necessary to make the stories what they are. At any rate, I’ll be enjoying your blog, learning a bit about your craft. Thanks.

  2. Jess, you are too kind. Not sure ‘menage buddy’ isn’t open to too many scary interpretations though! Oh my tender sensibilities!

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