New author discovery

I’ve just made a new discovery. An author I’ve never read before. But after today, I have to say – I fully intend to read every one of her books.

Red Garnier is a wonder. An absolute wonder. I had her book Color my Heart on my TBR list for a while, and I finally opened it today. Gobbled up each and every word, then jumped on her website, and promptly bought another book.

I think, to be honest, Bone Fide Liar has just reached the top of my all time favorite erotic romance books. I love, love, loved it. Hot and hilarious. A real keeper.

The Blurb:

Alex will do whatever it takes to keep male coworkers away from Carly. Who cares if she hates his guts? He wants her bad. He can barely believe his eyes when Carly sways seductively toward him and speaks the words he’s been longing to hear. Her place. Bring the plastics. There really must be a god! It’s finally time to make Carly his—for real this time.

Carly has heard her share of lies, but the ones spilling out of Alexander’s lips beat them all. The gall of him, spreading nasty rumors of them doing all manner of kinky things—even if she has dreamed about it. Carly’s determined to pay him back, and she’s wasting no time putting her perfect plan into action.

I know, I am not a reviewer, just a writer and a reader. But if you want a real treat, go and buy Bone Fide Liar. You’ll be just as hooked as me.



3 thoughts on “New author discovery

  1. Hi Jess! Your comments mean the world to me, THANK YOU very much. I’m thrilled you enjoyed BFL, I had such fun writing it. Now I can’t wait to read YOU! 🙂 Hugs and happy writing!

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