Leopard vs Croc!

I’m a wildlife lover through and through. Growing up in South Africa, we spent a significant number of family holidays at Game Parks, including, of course, the Kruger National Park. I’ve seen amazing things. I’ve watched a female cheetah hunt down and kill a springbok in the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, and then call her cubs to join in her feast.

I’ve seen a tawny eagle fight a bateleur over possession of a dead duck.There was the time three white rhinos chased a pride of lion off the road – simply by walking towards them. What about the four tiny, new-born hyena pups we almost ran over as they lay in the middle of the road catching the last drops of sunlight? And the Cape Cobra rearing it’s hood in an attempt to attack the wheel of our car? We’ve had baboons stick their hands in our car trying to help themselves to food, we’ve swum in croc infested waters in the Okavango Swamps (don’t ask) and yes, I’ve patted a wild elephant (under the guidance of a ranger, of course). There was even an unfortunate incident with a scorpion in Hwange (Zimbabwe). Trust me, scorpion stings hurt like hell.

But never, ever have I seen anything quite so remarkable as a leopard taking down and killing a crocodile in the Kruger Park.


These photographs are quite simply unbelievable! I would give my left arm to witness something like this.



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