It’s Contest Time

Things work better in 3s

Coming 9 Sep, 2008, from Samhain Publishing

Join Lorelei James, Jayne Rylon and Jess Dee in celebrating their upcoming releases with a contest.

It’s real easy. All you have to do is answer 3 questions relating to the Anthology. If you get them all right, you stand in line to win one of 3 fantastic prizes:

1. A $10 gift voucher from My Bookstore and More from Jayne Rylon
2. A choice of one download from Lorelei James’ backlist
3. A $10 gift voucher from BooksOnBoard from Jess Dee

So…on to the questions:
1. What rock band sings a song with the same title as Lorelei James’ book Wicked Garden?
2. What was the real life inspiration for Alexa’s sports car in Nice and Naughty?  (Hint:  Check out Jayne’s bio at )
3. What is the warning attached to A Question of Trust? (Hint, check out )

Mail your answers to:

Winners will be announced via email, and at the Ménage and More chat at the Samhain Cafe on the 8th of Sep, at 8pm.


Jess, Jayne and Lorelei


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