Menage Chat

Mark your diaries.

Jayne Rylon, Lorelei James and I have booked an evening at the Samhain Cafe.

I’m bringing the chocolate, Lorelei’s in charge of coffee, and Jayne has the wine. We’re getting our hair done, faces made up, dressing up in our fanciest, shmansiest dresses, donning stilettos and we’re coming to chat.

About what? What else? Menage! Or to be more specific…Menage and More: The Anthology. Join us for fun, games, excerpts, and of course, prizes.

When: On the 8th of Sep

Time: 8pm (EST)

Where: The Samhain Cafe

So if you’re keen to find out more about our novellas, Nice and Naughty, Wicked Garden and A Question of Trust, you know where to come.

See you on Monday night.



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