Author Spotlight

Boy, am I excited. Fellow Menage and More Anthology writer, Lorelei James, has agreed to guest blog here on Wednesday. It seems almost pointless to introduce her, since she is undoubtedly one of Samhain’s all time favourite authors.

BUT…for those who don’t know her, Lorelei writes HOT, western, contemporary romance. Once you get stuck into one of her books, you’ll be inclined to buy them all. So, stop on back on the 17th of Sep, and get to know this brilliant author a little better.


(Now, I just have to get Jayne Rylon to give me a blogging date, and I’ll be happy.)


4 thoughts on “Author Spotlight

  1. Dang, Jess. Way to call me out. You know I’m shy about blogging 😉 I’ll be here with bells on to read Lorelei’s fabulous blog then we’ll see if I’m up to the task! Or you could just pencil me in for a day and order me to blog. You know I like that…

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