Sandie’s Review

For those of you who haven’t met the wonderful Sandie yet, she is one of the Samhain Cafe moderators. Apart from always keeping the conversation lively and fun, Sandie has a little hobby all of us authors love. She writes reviews about the Samhain books she’s read. I can tell you, I’ve bought several books on Sandie’s recommendation alone – and enjoyed every one of them.

So, you can bet I was thrilled to find Sandie’s review of A Question of Trust at the Cafe today…

A Question of Trust is a fantastic story that gets one of my highest recommendations.

This is a story about Maddie and her lover Gabe, and of Gabe’s best friend Connor. Gabe and Connor have shared a woman occasionally. But would Maddie go along with such a thing, and what would happen afterwards if she did?

I loved this book and have already read it twice. This was one of the hottest, steamiest, and most explicit books I’ve read in a while. It was also a great edge of your seat love story.

Jess’s enthralling story was a true sensual feast that you don’t want to miss. But be prepared with a hunk of your own, or a bucket of Ice, or in this case BOTH!!! (Sandie, Samhain Cafe, Sun, 21 Oct – Sydney time)


Thank you, Mamasand.



2 thoughts on “Sandie’s Review

  1. You are very welcome Jess, but the thanks go to you for a story good enough to have me read it cover to cover twice within 2 weeks. What do you have coming up next???


  2. That is a huge compliment. Twice in two weeks huh? Cool!

    Coming up next is “The Boys Down Under Anthology”, co-written with four fellow Aussies. That’s due out at Aspen Moutain Press in mid November
    And then “Only Tyler” the first book in the “Circle Of Friends” Series releases in Jan at Samhain. It’s followed in April by the second book, “Steve’s Story.”

    Look out for this series. I absolutely love it. Even shed a few tears writing it. Oh – and Steve’s Story? Hot, hot, hot!

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