Spotlight on…Caitlyn Nicholas

Welcome, welcome Caitlyn Nicholas. Finally, I get you to blog. 🙂

Not sure if you all know this about Cait, but she is undoubtedly the most talented blogger I know. In fact, I’m just waiting for her to publish her blog as a book. It’ll be an instant bestseller.  (Although recently she has slipped up a bit and has only posted blogs every couple of weeks.) But far be it from me to convince you. Have a read through this post, then visit Cait’s blog, and you decide for yourself…


Caitlyn Nicholas

All right, all right, enough with the guilt already! I am a shamefully slack blogger, I admit this.
Now, I must confess, the completely deelicious Jess Dee holds a special place in my heart.  Why? Because not only is she a fellow Samhain Author, not only does she live in Sydney – the same place as me – BUT ALSO, she came to my first ever book launch and signing for Running Scared.  She made that nerve wracking experience so much smoother, and got to meet my entire family (children, husband, parents, aunts, uncles) and still emails me after the experience!

So anyway.  I am intensely useless as flogging my own work.  Especially when guest blogging.  I just think there’s always so much more I could be airing my opinion about…

Like my In-laws. They’re over from the UK at the moment and staying with us. (What?).
Or the pumpkin soup that exploded on the stove on Friday (okay, okay, I admit it. I was… er… distracted.  YES by Facebook).   I’m sorry, I couldn’t put the photo here – too embarrassing.  You see everyone on my blog thinks I’m a neat freak and I’m trying to keep the fantasy alive.

Or the current financial crisis. (That’s a Panda Bear to represent a bear share market. Oh OKAY, I thought the picture was cute and am trying to pass it off and sound well informed at the same time).

Or todays LOLcats pictures.  LOL!

Or the hairstyles of today’s youth (srsly guys, what are you thinking??)

But no.  Today I am determined not to be distracted.  You see I have news…

Secret Intentions just made its debut in the Samhain Bestseller list.

Oh yes.  How chuffed am I?!  Actually I feel I may have over-chuffed and am developing a serious excitement headache. Yes.  Am administering Shiraz, maybe another glass will help…

So, about me.  When I’m not being a Mum/wife/chef/taxi/slave (and I don’t mean that in a kinky good way). Or working part-time at a large University (the privilege of which I now pay for THANKYOUVERYMUCH INDEED Kevin Rudd – he (the Aussie Prime Minister)  took away my discount for childcare and it now costs more than I earn – I’m getting distracted again aren’t I…) When I am not doing all this and not getting distracted, I am a writer of Romantic Suspense.  My second novel, Secret Intentions, came out on the 23 September.

The blurb is on my website –
And, after you’ve finished reading Jess’s musings (naturally) you can visit me on my blog at



5 thoughts on “Spotlight on…Caitlyn Nicholas

  1. Aw shucks love! Thanks for the kind words, have gone all blushy (not a pretty sight, trust me).

    Okay, I’ve put the pumpkin soup photo up on my blog. But its just between us, right? right?


  2. Absolutely right! Not sharing the link with anyone. A promise is a promise.

    (Who is still sitting in front of her computer snickering about the picture.)

  3. Oh Cait I’m so stoked you made the bestseller list! I made sure I bought my copy the day it came out because I just wanted to see your name up there. Yes, yes, I like to help out where I can. Yay! I’m looking forward to having some time to sit down and read it. Perhaps in 2010.

    And no, I don’t get the hair thing. Imagine writing a romance hero and describing hair like that! No, I like my men (she says like there’s a queue) with short, normal hair. Or even none (have to say that, hubby might be reading).

    Good luck with continued good sales of Secret Intentions.

  4. Loved it, Cait and Jess. Distraction….lol…
    I didn’t know Jess you lived near Cait… Interesting.:)
    Okay so I have read Running Scared and I just loved it.. but I have Secret Intentions on my TBR list.
    And because I love pumpkjn soup with damper I’m off to take a look at Cait’s blog. This may be very interesting. hehehehe
    Suz:) Okay so what, I’m two days late here. heheheheheh

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