Joyfully Recommended!

Well, color me happy. Guess what I found in my inbox this morning?

A post from Joy at Joyfully Reviewed. She just wanted to let me know that A Question of Trust had not only been reviewed there. It had been…JOYFULLY RECOMMENDED.

Thank you, Vivian!

This is what Vivian had to say about the book:

A Question of Trust shows why Jess Dee is on my auto-buy list. Ms.Dee has written a fantastically sensual ménage story... A Question of Trust is packed full of great sex, but it’s filled with emotion too. It is my pleasure to Joyfully Recommend A Question of Trust.”

You can check out the full review here.

Oh, and did I mention that Vivian also Joyfully Recommended Nice and Naughty and Wicked Garden?

See? I told you good things come threes!




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