Guest Promo: Selena Illyria

Anyone But Me

Hi Selena Illyria here, taking over the fabulous Jess Dee’s blog. Thank You Jess for allowing the takeover. It’s October which means for me it means Halloween is coming up. That means costumes. You can be anyone you want to be. The idea of being anyone else can be sexy. For one night or maybe more. You can be a vamp, sex kitten, the list goes on and on.
You can play up your fantasies, live out your desires and dreams. If you could be anyone you wanted to be who would you be? If you could play out any fantasy in this role would you?
As an author I can use these fantasies as fodder for stories. So dear reader, what’s your fantasy? What world would you love to visit and play in? What character would you love to become if you could?

Selena Illyria

Tartan Interlude comes out Oct 10th at Changeling Press.

Are you ready to revisit the world of the Tartan Werewolves?

Unedited Excerpt:

He bent his head down and kissed her softly on the lips. It wasn’t enough. His tongue ran over the seam of her lips. Her mouth parted on a soft sigh and her tongue slipped out.  At first it was a gentle exploration, the tips of both muscles poking each other before slipping and sliding over and against each other. Their heads rolled from side to side as his hand move south. The tips of fingers caressing her neck, over her shoulder and down her arm. Their fingers entwined for a brief second before he let go and took hold of her hip. Pulling her toward him, he slipped his arm around her. When he felt her body against his he couldn’t stop himself from grinding against her.

Her body moved against his, as his hips rocked forward and back imitating what he wanted to do at that very moment. His skin was too tight. He was slowly slipping into madness at the feel of his stomach clenching, his balls tightening against his body. The slow throb of his cock, straining against his pants and the bite of the zipper increased his arousal.

She gently scrapped her teeth against his bottom lip, sucking the plump flesh between her teeth. He groaned and tightened his hold. His hips pumped faster against her and she matched his rhythm grinding her body against his. Everything fell away for him. All he felt, all he knew was her.

Dear Reader, Let Me Seduce You . . . Love, Selena Illyria:,

Out Now at Changeling Press: Discovering Passion
Coming to Changeling Press Oct 10th, Tartan Interlude
Coming October 15th to Tease Publishing LLC.,: Dravian’s Seer
Coming to Loose-Id Jan6th: Trapped


5 thoughts on “Guest Promo: Selena Illyria

  1. Hi Selena, I read Tartan Surprise. Can’t wait for Tartan Interlude! My fantasy? Well, let’s just say it involves whipped cream, and Gerard Butler, and I’ll leave it at that…


  2. Hi Guys!

    Thank you so much Jess for allowing me to Guest Blog on your site. Big Hugs.

    Thank You so much Shelley. *Grin*

    LOL.Oh man, Helen, that is an awesome fantasy. I hope you enjoy Tartan Interlude, it was fun to write. *Grin*

  3. Hey Selena
    You know you’re welcome here anytime.
    Congrats for the release of Tartan Interlude.
    Hmm, what fantasy character would I be? I’m not fussy. Any one that puts me on a tropical island, in a lounger beside a gorgeous pool. And, no – a gorgeous man on either side of me would not hurt one bit. 🙂

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