Birthday contest

Today is my birthday.

Nope – I am not gonna tell you how old I am. But I am gonna celebrate. And you can too.

I am giving one lucky reader a chance to win a copy of one of my e-books. You can choose between Photo Opportunity, Ask Adam or A Question of Trust. If you already have all of my books, well then I guess we can celebrate in true Aussie style, and I can send you a packet of Tim Tams instead. Yum! 🙂

All you have to do to enter is check out the “Coming Soon” page of my website. Tell me the name of the series I have releasing at Samhain next year, as well of the titles of each book. It’s easy as anything.

You can mail your answers to:




8 thoughts on “Birthday contest

  1. Happy Birthday Jess and wishing you many more. I have to keep you around for the great stories… and the fun chatting with you too.

    I love the way you celebrate birthdays. LOL



  2. Happy Birthday

    And what a beautiful cake.

    I’m not entering your contest because I already own ALL your books. :)But I did want to say hello here and wish you a wonderful year to come with lots of fun and new stories.

  3. Happy Birthday, Jess! I’m in the middle of A Question of Trust and oh-baby, it’s hot! And awesome!
    Just in case I win your contest :), what-the-heck are Tim Tams?

  4. Thanx Viv. I’d love to say I made the cake myself, but nope, some other Googler did.

    Janie – A Tim Tam is decadent heaven and a gazillion calories. Chocolate covered cookies (biscuits in Australia) that could probably count as Aussie’s national food. They are dee-licious.

    Jennifer, thank you. I love your blog and am about to add it to my blogroll.


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