All new cover art!

Isn’t she gorgeous?
It’s our new cover for The Boys Down Under Anthology.
Valerie Tibbs, cover artist for Aspen Mountain Press (And general graphic artist extraordinaire) designed it.
What do you think?

The Anthology has a tentative release date of 14 November, 2008. As soon as I have a confirmation of that, I will let you know.

Meanwhile, here’s a blurb for my novella in the anthology:

Visiting Paradise

Beth Brown needs a holiday. She’s burnt out, single and madly in love with the man who pays her salary, Joe Connor. Much as she’d like to act on her feelings, Beth’s learned the hard way not to sleep with the men she works for.  As far as she is concerned, Joe is off limits.

Sometimes, to get what you want, you have to chase hard. And  Joe wants Beth  He’s organized the trip of a lifetime for her. Beth’s about to set sail into paradise, and she has no idea Joe’s the one who’ll be taking her there.




11 thoughts on “All new cover art!

  1. Yeah, Mags! Valerie rocks. 🙂

    Thanx, Sami. Hmm, did Valerie tell you that’s me on the cover with the hot man? I look good in a bikini, don’t I?
    Don’t I wish.

  2. Jess, you must be confused. That’s my picture in the white bikini… Remember, you were wearing the blue bikini?!



  3. Hi Crystal. Nice to meet you. Your daughter must be a VERY special person. 😀

    As for V and Mags…I think you both know that’s me in the bikini.See, you may both have been wearing white bikinis, but I was the one with the hottie on the cover. 😉

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