Guest Spotlights…


I’m rather excited. Boys Down Under releases on Friday (Nov 14) at Aspen Mountain Press.


In celebration of the re-release of this anthology, I’m very happy to announce that I have all my co-authors scheduled to blog here next week.

So, if you would like to learn more about Maggie Nash, Kate Murphy, Angela Verdenius and Sarah Dickson, pop in all of next week. They’ll be talking about their lives, their writing and their books.

Also, don’t be shy to leave a comment. One lucky commenter (is that a word?) will win a prize! A prize, you say? What prize?

Well, erm…um, actually, I’m not sure yet. But since this is an all Australian release, it’ll have to be something all Australian I guess. (And no, I’m not giving away Hugh Jackman. C’mon, get real. If I had him in the first place, I would not let him get away. EVER!) 🙂

Oh, and after the Boys Down Under Authors, I’ll have another guest blogger. One whom by now is no stranger to my blog: Selena Illyria. How cool is this? Selena has a new release at AMP on Friday as well!!! It’s called Del Fantasma: Mudslide.

So get ready to celebrate the 14th of November with the Girls behind the Boys Down Under!



4 thoughts on “Guest Spotlights…

  1. What? Vivian!
    You won’t share Brendon with me?
    *Puffing out chest in disbelief and indignation*
    (Oh, okay, puffing out chest in hope that Brendan will notice and come on over willingly, without worrying about sharing.)

    Also, JJJ:
    Thanx for the wishes.


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