Spotlight On: Angela Verdenius

Well, as promised, here is the first in the series of blogs by my fellow Boys Down Under authors.

Angela Verdenius is a wonderful, prolific writer of futuristic/sci-fi romance. And she is GOOD. Nope, I’m not kidding. This woman is going places. She has a way with words that’ll just astound you. Apart from Boys Down Under, Angela has written several novels, including her Heart and Soul series, which at present stands at 15 books – with more coming! Angela also loves cats, and diet coke. In fact my only suggestion to you is: Do not get between her and a bottle of diet coke. The outcome could get ugly.


Please welcome… Angela Verdenius!!!

Operation Seduction: from the Boys Down Under Anthology

The future is sizzling good fun…

The United Air Medics…health professionals to society, ‘bonzer people’ to the populations living in the outback in need of medical attention.

However, behind the scenes is a whole different story.  Generously-proportioned nurse Reg, and the hunky medic Digby, are having an all-out private war…throw in some cattle duffers and a wild ride through the skies, and life is going to get a whole lot more interesting…and hot.


This story is set in the Australian outback, in the future, about 50 to 100 years.  But the beauty of it is that it catches the essence of the outback, the people, and the life.  Nothing has changed, mainly technology.  People are still the same.  They live, they love, they die.

My nurse is a plus-sized woman who is proud of herself, but it only takes one handsome hunk from her past to appear and all her old insecurities come crashing back down.

My doctor has no idea what is going in her mind until one fateful day it all hits the roof – and then the war between them starts.

This was a fun write, and I fell in love with my characters.  I hope you will, too!

I also want to add that this is the first time I’ve written a short story and been in an anthology with other writers.  Doing an Australian romance anthology was exciting, and working with Jess Dee, Maggie Nash, Sarah Dickson and Kate Murphy was great.  These girls helped me along when I was so sure I couldn’t possibly write a short story, seeing as how my usual books run to 80,00 – 140,000 words!  But they encouraged me, cheered me on, and all in all, showed true Aussie mateship.  Thanks girls!


Heart & Soul
Sci-fi/futuristic romance series

By Angela Verdenius

I confess this series is quite long – I’ve just submitted book 16 to Wings ePress!  But the good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to read the books in any set order, because each book has a set heroine and hero.

What makes it a series, is that many of the side characters appear in different books, giving it that continuity.  Even some of the villains make reappearances, depending on how they’re needed fro the story line.  I have taken side characters from one story and told their story in the next book, and so it goes on.

The series didn’t start as such – I wrote Heart of an Outlaw, got interested in the heroine’s sister, wrote her story, got interested in the cousin, and from there it snowballed!  LOL  Now 16 books into the series, it’s still going strong.  How many in the actual series?  At this time, I’m thinking another 5 books or so will probably wrap it up!

The heroines in these stories are strong, some in body, others through magic, and others through fast wit.  The heroes are their match, and are often confounded by their heroines!  Alpha heroes, strong heroines, sensual romance, a universe of danger, and a side cast of interesting characters.  What more could you want?  LOL

So if you want to take a dip into my worlds, visit my website and read the blurbs, excerpts and reviews, and enjoy yourself!



Angela Verdenius
Sci-fi/futuristic romance


10 thoughts on “Spotlight On: Angela Verdenius

  1. Jess, I agree with you…Ang is an amazing writer. I love love love her books. Heart of a Peacekeeper was just wonderful. It has everything. Plus size Amazonian heroine. Giant gorgeous alpha male hero…action…romance….loved it!

    And Operation Seduction is an amazing story too. Who but Ang would have come up with a Scifi version of The Flying Doctors 🙂


  2. Hi Angela,
    Being a fellow Aussie, I am not half biased, but I loved your article and excerpts. Maggie’s comment about A sciFi version of The Flying Doctors sounds spot on.
    Margaret Tanner

  3. Hi Angela!

    Just wanted to pop-in to say hello and congratulate you for another great release. All of you ladies rock and I am really looking forward to reading this book.

    BTW…I have to agree, Angela is a fantastic author and she is hilarious to boot. *G* I

    Good luck!



  4. Hi Rhian – it’s always a big thing for me when Aussie authors get together. There’s so many more of us than people know! And just as much fun is getting together with readers, like-minded people who love books!!!


  5. I love Angela’s books! Have read the whole series from start to finish so many times the books are starting to show some serious wear.

    I met Angela when she came to the USA in 2005, the only thing better than her books is the lady herself. A classy lady with a wicked sense of humor.


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