Spotlight on: Sarah Dickson

Well, it’s time to meet Sarah Dickson. Sarah has written a whole series of Paranormal romances which, unfortunately are no longer available. We’re all hoping she’ll get them back on the market now that the Triskelion debacle is well behind us. It’s really fantastic to see a Sarah Dickson story back on the market. And to give you a little preview of that story… Heeeeeeere’s Sarah!



Hi all

‘Hooked’ is set on a tropical island in northern Australia. I used to dive a lot in the past and always imagined what it would be like to be able to roam the sea without having to breathe. In other words, be a fish but shift back to human form to enjoy all the good stuff back on land.
That was how I came up with the idea of a shape shifter mermaid, Madeline. Here is an excerpt from my story in Boys Down Under.

HOOKED –  The Blurb:
When Luke meets Melinda on a diving trip, he is well and truly hooked, despite the lovely raven-haired beauty wanting only one night of passion.  Her problem is that shape-shifters don’t exist in the modern world, so how can she reveal her true identity without him running like mad in the opposite direction.

Story excerpt:
It was happy hour at the bar. Five nights at this dive resort and not a single man had taken Madeline’s fancy. Would she get lucky tonight? She certainly hoped so. Her libido was fast running out of patience.
Yeah, she could always use a toy, but where was the fun in that?
Newcomers milled around the bar, cradling drinks. Some of the younger men took to stools, leaned on their elbows and checked out the local talent. Others sat at nearby tables. Locals in search of earning a few extra dollars turned up the amplifiers as they jammed for the patrons, all but drowning out any chance of overhearing any conversations.
With at least thirty people here at any one time, couples formed and split up regularly. Aside from scuba diving, the most popular resort activity was sex.
Why not? They were on holidays. That was what she was doing here, looking for sex.
Most of the visitors who came to the small island came for both. An hour’s boat ride from the main resort, the island was a popular place for people to experience the reef diving just offshore, staying just for a day or two.
Dave, who owned the small island, poured another cocktail for a young woman. About fifty, with graying hair, his skin was ruddy due to his exposure to the sun. He inclined his head to Madeline and chuckled.
She smiled back, knowing full well he had seen her there every night for days.
Dave inclined his head to a man who stood on his own beyond the row of tables.
Oh my. She did a double take, unable to believe her luck. When did he turn up?
His profile in the subdued light showed a strong nose and jaw. Dark, wavy hair fell to just past his shoulders. His skin, while pale, didn’t detract from her perusal of him at all. The T-shirt and shorts he wore hugged his well-toned body very nicely. Her gaze returned to his face. He appeared to be soaking it all in, the air, the water and the general ambience. He leaned back against the post, closed his eyes and exhaled deeply.
He was definitely in relax mode.
Madeline made her way to the bar and sat on a free stool.
“What will it be?” Dave asked.
“The usual.” She tilted slightly on her seat to see if he was looking at her yet. “When did he come in?”


You can find out more about Sarah on her website at



8 thoughts on “Spotlight on: Sarah Dickson

  1. Far north Queensland is one of my favourite places. I love a story that reminds me of just how peaceful and beautiful this part of the world is 🙂

    It’s a good feeling to be out there again isn’t it Sarah?


  2. its been a while since I’ve had a story out. As for Far North Qld, was up there recently on another island called hinchinbrook

  3. Hi Sarah!

    Congratulations on this new release! I love shifter stories and this one looks like it will be lots of fun. *G*

    Good luck!



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