I love your blog award


So how cool is this? I was nominated not once, but twice for an “I love your blog award.” Thank you to Viv Arend and to Rhian Cahill.

Now, in order to participate, I have to send this award to seven other bloggers. Sound easy? It’s not. I swear. I tried!!! I went through all my links and I tried. But in the end 99% of the blogs I read have already been nominated.

Yes, it’s true. I am truly terrible at chain letters. I delete every one I get on my email, and now on my phone as well. (When did chain text messages start anyway?)

So what is a girl to do when:

a) She’s a chain letter link breaker to start off with? And

b) There are too few blogs to continue this award nomination?

Well, this girl has decided to thank Viv and Rhian for the nomination in the first place. She’s also posted the nomination to her blog, and she’s added Viv and Rhian’s links to her blog roll. And now she’s going to get herself another cup of tea, and hope no one points fingers at her for breaking yet another chain letter.




3 thoughts on “I love your blog award

  1. Ditto, Jess.You’re wonderful and I wanted people to know that.

    And I think you may have noticed that I only nominated 3 people. And if you hadn’t been one of them I probably would have been the one to ‘break the chain’.

    Shhhhh, I won’t tell anyone.

    Besides, now I have more time to write on the shifters story!!


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