Eye candy


Valerie Tibbs posted this at the Cafe earlier. Specially for me. Just coz she knows Jason Lewis is my idea of perfect. So perfect, I based Connor Regan, the hunky blond hero from A Question of Trust on him.

I couldn’t resist adding this one for you all to drool over:



(Thanx V)



10 thoughts on “Eye candy

  1. I will be in LA in April and May 2009 some time hanging out with my Rosey highschool gf. Please let me know where we can have a drink or coffee.

  2. He just pioneered other men to dare to pose that way and still hold their masculinity. He is the absolute stud, and so cute! I remember him from Sex and the City xoxoox. So lovable. He should have been in Benjamin Button’s Curious case, or Troy or any other movie that thought Pitt ought to be in it..

  3. I was watching Sex and the City tonight. Jason Lewis is definitely….mm mm mm.

    But the reason for my comment is because I think he’d make a much better Batman that Christian Bale or any of the others they’ve used for the role. Michael did it best of them all hinting at the dark side of his nature, but he doesn’t have the debonair good looks one would expect of the ultra rich Bruce Wayne. I think Jason Lewis would be the perfect fit for the role.

  4. about Batman, No. 1: Val Kilmer is the all time good looks for Batman. Why? Bec we need to look at a TALL man at least 6.3 and handsome/charming.
    No. 2: Gotto be American accented and we shd feel he is American.
    Jason just needs to put on 10lbs. You have to Jason. Your photos on the web show you are way tooooooo skinny…
    Just eat regular food in the markets… lol xx

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