Spotlight on: Jambrea Jo Jones

We all know and love Jambrea Jo Jones. JJJ is a reviewer at Joyfully Reviewed, a smiling face at the Samhain Cafe (metaphorically speaking) and a good friend. If ever you’re down, you can rely on JJJ to pick you up with a wittty one liner, or a hawt pic.

And now, I’m thrilled to announce she is a published author as well. Finally we can return all the encouragement and praise she has lavished on us.

Congrats Jambrea, on the release of your first story.  We’re all looking forward to reading many, many more.



Welcome Jambrea Jo Jones

Thank you Jess for letting me blog here today!  I am SO excited, but before I start gushing I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who helped me get where I am!
Jess Dee – Thank you for helping me with my first story.  If not for you I don’t think I would have actually subbed it!
Joy Roett – Thank you for reading and editing out all my typos, you know I love it and thanks for actually liking my stories.
Valerie Tibbs – Thank you for reading and editing me as well!  Someday soon I WILL have a V. Tibbs cover!
Kensana Darnell – Thank you for keeping me straight and helping me by being my critique partner.  Also congrats on your first contract and publication as well.  (Kensi is in the anthology with me!)
Cindy Jack – My other critique partner.  Thank you for being there to bounce ideas off of.
There are SO many others that I hate naming names, like T from the Samhain café and Essi (Mari Carr) and her yahoo loop!  The ladies on there are SO great and I have a blast.  TA Chase and AJ Llewellyn for inspiring me.  Also Lin Winfree, I want to be her when I grow up!  She is SO great!
Okay there was my Oscar moment.  lol  If I didn’t write your name down, I’m sorry, but I have met so many great people on line and each and every one of you have helped me in some way!
Now…why am I thanking all these people?  Let me tell you!  My first contracted story is now published and people can actually buy it!  Do you know how weird it is to see authors I love buying my book!  I just have so much to take in.  I mean, a year ago I was just THINKING of writing!  Who knows what the next year will bring!


Here is a small taste of my story Forever Guy from the One Touch, One Glance Anthology.

Forever Guy
by Jambrea Jo Jones

Samantha has a crush on Jack. Now that he’s back in town, she needs to convince him he’s her forever guy.

Literally running into Jack yesterday at the bank had to be a sign of the fates shining on her. Her dreams of him still visited her on lonely nights; the fluttering started in her chest, and her heart jumped as his eyes flashed in recognition, a slow grin creeping across his face. To see and speak to him after so long brought back the memories of the last time he walked away from her. Jack had left her no air to breathe and had broken her heart, not once looking back to see the girl she had been crying for him to come back.
Picking up the pieces took time, but to his credit, she never told him how she felt before he joined the military. She needed to grow up, and as Jack left for the Marine Corps, she felt it too soon for her to express her feelings for him. She needed to make sure her emotions weren’t mere puppy love. Sam had no intention of making the same mistake twice. This time, she wouldn’t let him leave because they belonged together in the forever kind of way.
Sam shook off the memories and raced to get ready for her evening. Tonight, her dreams would come true.

Part of the One Touch One, Glance Anthology on sale December 9, 2208

We have received some great reviews and Dark Diva did an individual review for Forever Guy.  Jaime had this to say:  Another gem. This story has all the elements I love. This story has it all, real characters, real relationships, and true love. What’s not to like? The author paints a vivid picture of small town life and community, and doesn’t sugar-coat the realities of coming home from war, knowing how impossible it is pick up where you left off. Starting fresh just might lead to forever, though.
Can you see why I’m so excited?  I have been so blessed this year and thank you again to all my friends!


11 thoughts on “Spotlight on: Jambrea Jo Jones

  1. Congrats – Jambrea

    I am happy for for you. I have your story and I plan to read it just as soon as possible.I know through your comments at the Samhain cafe, the WM readers group, and other yahoo groups that we have in common that you have worked extremely hard for this.

    Hopefully you will have many more published stories to come.

  2. Jambrea,Congratulations, love!
    Your an amazing author and a wonderful friend.
    I can see many more books coming from you future.

    Enjoy..Cheers.. Bob throwing roses..

  3. Jess – Thank you for the wonderful introduction. 😀

    Greta – Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.

    V – Thanks! I’m still working on my story so I can have a famous cover by V!

    NJ – Thank you! I hope so too!

    Joy – Ok, Ok, I’m working! lol

    Deb and Bob – Thank you so much!

  4. Congratulations Jambrea, there’s nothing like the first one. You keep working and there will be plenty more to come. Hope you had a great release day on Tuesday, as did I 🙂 We’re release buddies now.

  5. Kissa – Thank you Kissa. I am honored to be in it with you as well.

    Sami – There really isn’t is there Sami! Hey…I like having a release buddy! They may sound dirty, but I swear it isn’t supposed to be! lol

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