Spotlight on: Sami Lee

Yes, Sami’s blogged here before. But I am thrilled to have her back. Especially as she is chatting about her incredibly hot new novella, Chasing Sunset.

I won’t waste your time, other than to wish Sami congrats on the release of this awesome book, and congrats for hitting the no 2 spot on MBAM’s bestseller list!!!

Heeeeeeeeeere’s Sami:



I’m so happy to be here blogging at Jess’s place. If you all don’t know already (not likely, as I know Jess has made use of every opportunity to tell you ☺), my latest release has been unleashed on the reading public this week. It’s called Chasing Sunset and it’s my first ever ménage themed story.

Something you might not know is that Jess and I shared this experience of being newbie ménage romance writers, and you wouldn’t believe some of the strange email correspondence that went back and forth during the writing process. We weren’t really sure what readers expected in a ménage. We knew some ended in a HEA for all three characters, while some didn’t. I knew how my story was going to end from the first page, but I wasn’t sure if it would work for all readers (that’s for others to judge I suppose). There was also some intriguing discussion about the logistical issues of where everything was supposed to, ah, go, the difference between m/f/m and m/m/f and which fit better with our story and why… you get the drift. In the end I think we both decided that you can only write what you’re comfortable writing, that as the author (or the supreme ruler of my fictional universe as I like to be called) only we can decide how our own individual stories are going to play out. I only hope that readers enjoy Chasing Sunset half as much as I know they’ve loved A Question of Trust.


Here’s a brief description of the story:

Sidney McCall is shocked when her boyfriend Drew arranges a special surprise for their anniversary—a night of no-holds-barred passion with him and his best friend Brody. She’s always harbored a secret desire to take on two men at the same time, and what follows is the most satisfying night Sidney’s ever experienced. When she intimates she wouldn’t mind a repeat performance, she doesn’t realize she’s opening a Pandora’s Box. Now, with two men vying for her affections, what started as nothing more than a harmless sexual dalliance just got a whole lot more serious.

Available now from MBaM @

You can also read the blurb and an excerpt at MBaM and you get a discount for buying in the week of release, which is a nice bonus for those who just can’t wait to get their hands on it ☺. Which I know is simply ALL of you, he he.

Because I know the blasted financial crises is playing havoc with everyone’s book buying budget, I’d also like to give away a free copy of one of my back titles. To be in the running, all you have to do is email me at before Sunday midnight, tell me your first name and put Sami Lee Freebie in the subject line. I’ll pick a winner at random (it really is random—my daughter picks the names out of a hat), and be in touch. That’s all you’ve got to do and you could be reading a hot romance for free.

Happy reading everyone, and thanks for having me Jess.

PS. If you don’t know me yet, feel free to stop by my website @ or blog @ to check out my slowly expanding backlist. Hey, with two kids under school age I’m going as fast as I can. Please stay tuned.


8 thoughts on “Spotlight on: Sami Lee

  1. Woohoo! Congrats on your release! This book is the next on my buy list! I can’t wait to get to it because it sounds so yummy! I think I have your other menage story as well, but it is on my old lap top and I haven’t transfered stuff over yet. You can be sure that when I do, I’ll be reading your story!

    Again! Congrats!

  2. Sami, OMG I just figured out who you are. DH and I read your book “Fijian Fling” this past August when we ordered the book in print. I read it in ebook form first 😀
    I love Comtemporary Romance, we adored the book sooo hot.
    I can not wait to read more of your work.
    Congrats and Cheers!

  3. Cingrats on your Release Sami. But, you’re killin me here. I already have that MUST READ book and it’s even loaded to my book reader, BUT I have no reading time this week. That is pure torture…


  4. Thanks Jambrea–but this is my first menage story so that other one must be someone else’s. I’m sure you’re comparing me to another fantastic Samhain author though…:)

    Deb, I’m so glad you liked Fijian Fling, it was such fun to write. The antho has three other terrific stories in it too, so that book’s a bargain :).

    NO reading time Sandie–how do you stand it? Hope you get to sit down with it soon.

  5. Hi Sami,

    I love the Title of Chasing Sunset. It conjures up all sorts of things. heheheh I know it will be and do as well as Fijian Fling.

    All the best,

    Suz 🙂

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