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Selena Illyria

Hi Jess! Hi Everyone!

So this blog was supposed to be about Mudslide my new release from Aspen Mountain Press. Then the topic changed to At Drogan’s Command, Out Now at Changeling Press. Well, all that’s gone out the window because things have changed. I just realized that I will have four books releasing this month. Four. I am still in shock, trying to figure out how the heck this happened.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love having books out. It’s great. I’m always excited to see my title in the Coming Soon section, the joy is increased when my brand spanking new cover is added. I giggle like a loon and spend the rest of the day on cloud nine. I go back, like a dork, and look at it.

It always gives me glee. Then comes the promoting of the book or in this case books. I’m excited and nervous. Excited that a new story is coming out and nervous about the reaction. There’s nothing like hearing that a reader liked the book that you wrote, liked the world you created and hopes you write more in that world. I truly do hope readers enjoy the story I’m presenting.

These last few weeks I’ve taken readers to a paranormal bar where the future demon king found his mate and to the stars where a ship’s Captain had his dream woman at his command. And soon, I’ll take you to the future where a few of Earth’s children are given psychic abilities. The Roman God Pluto gets an unexpected offering and two vampyres are trapped in an old in with passion burning between them.

Where do some of these ideas come from? Well, I can tell you from anywhere and everywhere. I could be talking to friends and suddenly, IDEA! Or throwing ideas on a wall with fellow writers. Two story ideas that I love are Mudslide and At Drogan’s Command.

Mudslide took me into the world of demons. I had wanted to do a story for the Del Fantasma line at Aspen Mountain Press but wasn’t sure where to go. After a bit of musing and talking with fellow writers, I decided to try my hand at demons. I had done it for my Friday Flash series (which sorely needs updating) but not for a full length book. The book was fun to write and went quickly. I was nervous and excited once the book was released. I can’t wait to dive back into the world of the demons again.

Drogan was my first foray into Sci-Fi with some BDSM. I was scared, nervous and excited. I adore this story and its hero. The story started out being for a contest but went over the word limit. After some additions and changes it is the story you see today. I had never thought of trying Sci-Fi until this story and now I want to do more. I even want to try writing some cyber punk. *Grin*

Here are some peeks into the stories mentioned above. I hope you enjoy them. Hugs.

Del Fantasma: Mudslide


Pietro, future king of the demons is looking for a mate. He doesn’t expect to find her in mortal, Callisto Monroe. At first he wanted a fling but as be begins to bond with her, he ends up falling in love with her. He claims her as his mate and future queen of the demons.

Callisto Monroe works a negotiator for the paranormal world. When she goes to a friend’s wedding and meets sexy as sin demon, Pietro, sparks fly. She agrees to spend the weekend with him. When she finds out he is the future king of the demons, their growing relationship takes on a whole new dimension.

Can he convince her that they should be together despite the fact that she is mortal and he is a demon?

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At Drogan’s Command


One little disc . . .

One little disc contains the only evidence of Rena’s wanton weekend where she enacted every sexual fantasies she’s ever had and a few about her crush Drogan Carter, Captain of the Hades’ Helmet. What will she do when the disc falls into the wrong hands?

When Drogan finds the disc and watches the contents, at first he feels guilt but soon that turns to need. He wants the carefree, sexual woman on the disc and in his bed. He forms a plan that will get her right where he wants her . . . at his command.

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Excerpt Link:


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