Steve’s Story: Cover Art

Here it is, as promised. Whaddaya think?


Go on. Admit. It is incredible.
Yay for Scott Carpenter and his brilliance!

So what is Steve’s Story? Very simple. It’s the second book in the Circle of Friends Series. Here’s the blurb:

When love is threatened by truth, every moment counts…

Steve Sommers is having a gut-wrenching week. His fiancée has left him, the woman who broke his heart is back in town—and they’re all gathered at the bedside of his best friend, who’s in a coma. The emotional ties between them are strained to the breaking point. Like it or not, it’s up to Steve to find the strength and compassion to support the four of them through the toughest ordeal of their lives.

In the midst of the turmoil and trauma, passion unexpectedly flares anew between Steve and the woman he loves. Suddenly the future he’d believed lost lies within his reach. But she still carries the secret that once tore them apart, and determined to protect Steve from the truth, she fights their rekindled relationship every step of the way.

Now the fragile bond they’ve developed hangs in the balance, threatened by a reality that love may not be strong enough to overcome…

Warning: This book might just make you cry, but it’ll make you smile as well. The story will probably get you all hot and bothered too. It contains naughty activities in the car, sex on the kitchen counter (and up against the wall), a quickie in the garden—oh, and some hot loving in the bedroom.

Steve’s Story releases at Samhain Publishing on the 28th of April.



10 thoughts on “Steve’s Story: Cover Art

  1. Thank you, ladies. I agree it is hawt, incredible and gorgeous.:)
    And V, jealous? C’mon, you make just as beautiful covers. (I can say that from experience!)

  2. Thank you, but him and Anne Cain are the role models for me right now. They’re both amazingly talented.

    Maybe some day I’ll be at that level. Good thing I have a day job! 🙂


  3. V – far as I’m concerned, you can give up your day job!

    Thanx JK. It is a cool cover, isn’t it? 🙂

    Hey Viv. LOL, I love both of the Circle of Friends covers equally. BTW – Did you notice? You can see ‘Steve’s’ face on the cover.

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