Only Tyler Contest Winners

Thank you to all of you who entered the Only Tyler new release contest.I’m happy to announce that I received such cool answers, I couldn’t be subjective enough to judge them all. So, a third party did the honors:

The winner of a $10 book voucher from My Bookstore and more is Deb.

And the winner of a $10 book voucher from Books on Board, is Dayanna.

Congrats to both of you. I hope you enjoy your shopping!

I wanted to share one contest entry I received. I thought it was brilliant. However the contestant had an unfair advantage of being an author herself, so I made the undemocratic decision of excluding her from the contest. Don’t worry. She was cool with it, I swear. Okay, yes, I had to bribe her first, but then she was cool about it. 🙂

Anyway, here is Vivian Arend’s brilliant answer to the question: Why should you win the vouchers?

I Intriguing issues impact intelligence incredibly.

N Naturally naughty nuance nabs noteworthy niche.

E Excellent education equals extreme eloquence.

E Endlessly eccentric endeavors entertain enthusiastically.

D Dangerous desires delight and de-stress dozens of dazzling damsels.

B Brawny bicep bulging balances brilliant brains.  Beautiful!

O Otherworldly opportunities occur to ordinary occupants.

O Outrageous oracy opened one’s outstanding ovations.

K Knowing keyword kibosh’s kill? Kudos! Knowledge kicks.

S Seductive sensuality stimulates spectacular success.

Lol, isn’t it brilliant?

(Altho I’m not exactly sure what ‘outrageous oracy opened one’s outstanding ovations’ means. But the rest is brilliant!)



One thought on “Only Tyler Contest Winners

  1. LOL!!

    I wondered if I’d get called on the carpet for any of them but that one I can explain. If you -really- want it.


    “Your ability to articulate (oracy) so far beyond the expected bounds (outrageous) causes others to no longer to be able to hold back (opened) their most exceedingly (outstanding) enthusiastic applause (ovation).”


    I have to admit the original version had “Kooky Kobolds Kicking Knight’s Knees” or something equally strange so even contest entries have revisions and edits!

    Fun contest, Jess.

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