Only Tyler is a Bestseller!


I’m very excited to report Only Tyler is a bestseller at Samhain.Yep, it took a couple of days to hit the bestseller list, but it’s been there now since Thursday, so I’m happy. 🙂 This is what the bestseller chart at MBaM looks like today:

Best Sellers:

I’ve received some amazing feedback from readers. (Thank you to those of you who let me know you enjoyed the book so much.) Here’s what some of them had to say:

“I had the chance to read Only Tyler. I loved it! I can be an extremely picky reader and I usually do not like “he left me but now he’s back” kind of stories because I have a hard time warming up to the hero. But even before I knew the truth of why he left I found myself wanting her to give him another chance. Which drove me crazy because I loved Steve too! Can’t wait to see how you do his story!” (Melissa, from Joyfully Reviewed.)

“Just got done reading Only Tyler…I must say it was awesome and well worth the wait!! I started it and couldn’t stop until I finished and now I can’t wait for Steve’s!!” (Maggie J)

Jess Dee is a wonder. That was amazing.
I really wondered how she was  going to pull it off but the story is hot, tender, sweet, sexy, makes you frustrated, makes you weepy, makes you SWEAT!
I now have another ‘re-read’ story in my files AND…
I’m dying for the sequel, Steve’s Story. All I can say is I’m glad it’s already on the ‘Coming Soon’ pages or there would be heads rolling. Waiting is going to be so hard!!!!
THANKS for writing Only Tyler. WOW!”
(Vivian Arend, Author, posted at the Samhain Cafe.)

“I loved Only Tyler. It was hot, sexy, and completely Riveting. It comes with one of my highest recommendations. I couldn’t put it down till I read the last page. You have turned into a must buy for me, Jess .(Sandie, Moderator at the Samhain Cafe.)

Jess Dee, I have a bone to pick with you! April! I mean seriously! What were you thinking? Okay maybe the general public can wait that long for Steve but I’m special.  Right? (” (Joy, Moderator at the Samhain Cafe, who has now kidnapped Tyler and made him a part of her harem of hot, dangerous, sexy heroes.)

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to buy and read Only Tyler.



4 thoughts on “Only Tyler is a Bestseller!

  1. Hey Jess, I knew it was only a matter of time. Congrats on the success of the book and I can’t wait to read it. When I’ve finished the writing task rigidly set by Joy… must keep fingers on keyboard!

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