My Valentine’s Pressie

Well, I’ve been hankering for an ebook reader for two years. Desperate for one in fact.

I’ve been annoying the crap out of DH, telling him how I can’t live without one, and how sparse my life is with only print books, and how chained I am to my computer, forced to sit at my desk every day just to read a book. (Oh, ok, I’ve just been bugging him a lot with stories about wonderful ebook readers.)

So, come Valentine’s Day, and guess what? You got it. Against every arrangement we’ve ever made to NOT buy each other Valentine’s Day gifts, guess what DH arrived home with?

You got it! My very own, sparkly new ebook reader:

Yep, he got me a BeBook!

Okay, let me be more specific. This is Australia, and the BeBook is called the HanLin eReader. So DH got me a HanLin eReader. And OMG, I am so stoked. I’ve been loading books on all weekend. (Ok, DH has been loading books all weekend, as I am a techno idiot and wouldn’t have a clue how.) Problem is, I’m not sure yet what format is best. Tried .pdf, coz that’s what I read on my computer, but nope. It wasn’t good. So I took  A Question of Trust and downloaded all the different formats, and have been working my way through them all to see which works best.

So far, I’m thinking, the .htm version is best. But you know what? I need time. To play around, to experiment, to get to know my new toy. I’m hoping by 2011 I’ll finally have got a handle on how to use it. 🙂

In the meantime, I have a dilemma. I’m desperate to get started on the reader, but I made a big mistake. I opened Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and began the book. Now I’m hooked. I had to finish it yesterday, firstly because I could not put it down, and secondly because I have New Moon sitting on my desk, and the darn book keeps winking at me. Damn, if only I’d had the HanLin a week ago. I would have bought the series as ebooks and read them on my new eReader.

*Sigh* Isn’t life tough?




5 thoughts on “My Valentine’s Pressie

  1. LOL … once you get started on those twilight books you get sucked into that world and you can’t get out until you have read every single word .. goodluck .. one of my co-workers says and quote “its like crack, once you start reading you cant stop.”*

    i got so stuck on the series I started my own fan club on myspace … horrible .. i know …


    ps i have been bugging not only my boyfriend but my dad about getting me an esony reader or the etech from samhain publishing … i don’t care which just as long as i get one …

    *note: not that we do crack, it was an extreme way to express the need to excuse how addicting they can become

  2. Argh!
    3.30 this morning I finished New Moon and finally went to sleep. 3.30! That means I read almost solidly for about 7 hours. Dang, Midnight, I needed the “extreme” crack today just to keep my eyes open.
    Too scared to open the third book for fear I may lose yet another full night’s sleep.


    Joanne – hope you are enjoying Twilight.


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