2009 EPPIE Award Winner


I just heard from the lovely Jayne Rylon that The Menage and More Anthology won the Complete (Romance/Erotica) Anthology Award at the 2009 EPPIES this year.

That is super duper fantastic news. I’m utterly thrilled.

The anthology, edited by Angela James, was released in September last year, and features three books:

A Question of Trust, by moi.

Nice and Naughty, by Jayne Rylon, and

Wicked Garden, by Lorelei James

Thanx to Angela, Jayne, Lorelei and to all the readers who deemed this anthology worthy of an award.


The Menage and More Anthology releases in print as: Three’s Company in August, 2009.




9 thoughts on “2009 EPPIE Award Winner

  1. Well-hell, I’m not surprised. I knew as soon as it was nominated it was bound to win because all those stories are so great. Congrats, Sami.

  2. Wooohooooooo….
    I saw this on the cafe early this morning and wondered if you’d heard yet. Well deserved award.

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